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Billy Wright statue

Derby Wolf

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May 8, 2015
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Fuck happened here??

Superglue dried out by the looks of it
It was indeed a car ploughing into the statue
'It's believed', not known what time...

If a car had smashed through the bollards and still hit the statue with enough force to do that much damage I doubt it would have been driveable and would still be there now.

Coincidence after the local derby...
I doubt it was a big hit to do that. Cars are heavy and carry a lot of momentum. A flat stone piece like that would knock off and break fairly easy IMO.

To not be driveable a car would have to hit it going pretty fast and would likely have knocked the entire statue over.
The stones don't look like they were being held on by much in the first place.
But would need to clear the bollards first?
Police arrest a 30 year old man on suspicion of dangerous and drink driving. What a prick
To be fair the bollards probably aren't that secure, if the car had hit a tree it would have been a bit messy.