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Boro (A) Match Thread

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Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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Hause, VLP and Edwards in for Golbourne, Henry and Dicko.

Not keen on that.
Personally would have kept Golbourne in, not surprised at Edwards for Dicko with probably Dicko coming on as an impact sub. VLP for pace.
It will be interesting to see if Scott and James are substitutes. Nouha will be, of course.
All three are on the bench. It's not brave, quite the opposite.
Would have kept faith with the team v blues but guess KJ sees the players in training and can factor in fatiguest in the players.

Not unhappy with the team though. plenty of pace and energy
I really can't see us getting a point, here. I fear a real drubbing but I hope I have to eat my words, later.
Can see some logic in Edwards for Dicko early on & VLP for Henry isn't too bad - they both have their qualities, just different.

Not sure why Hause for Golbourne though - yes he made a mistake v brum, but he's not been overly prone to that.
Looks like a team picked to make sure we don't lose rather than to win the game. Not really a surprise after the result at the weekend though.
Burrows on his own on commentary tonight on the Player so hopefully no irrelevant banter unless he's going to have a chat with himself
Not open for further replies.