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E&S and Jeff Shi

Jeff Shi hopes we will use some of the academy players next season or maybe this winter. Are you listening Walter?
Do we have any current players at that level that can be considered to play along side Prince in midfield? The position is being filled by Price/Edwards/Saville and is one our weaker areas outside of the defence. Forward line is generally fine and will be sorted with Dicko and Graham returning
Herc and Ronan are both very talented lads but I'm not sure either are ready to be playing a major role yet.
One wonders who offered the olive branch - e&s or wolves?

Or maybe langers was more correct than we are aware in claiming the tim1 leaving eck-skloo-siv?
Ronan is the great hope isn't he. I reckon he may move up over the next two seasons.
The two centre halves seem very highly rated too.
Ronan and Ennis are the two stand outs from the academy. I will be disappointed if either don't make it. Herc is making good strides and we shouldn't forget Bright - he's a talent.