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FA Cup


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Jan 14, 2010
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Third round draw tomorrow 7pm on BBC 2. Who does everyone want?
Top 7 Prem team at home. Sell out crowd, play our best side and let's have a great day out. It will be Preston away or a suitably meh Championship option
We will get someone in the championship who we have either just played or are due to play not long after.
Man U at home, while they are a bit in the doldrums (relatively) if we play our best team we can give em a game
Would have wanted Woking away (easy to get to & free overnight accomodation) as I went there regularly when my kids were small & I had no money (& certainly would not have got a pass for a full day away from home at that point if my marriage was to survive)

However as they cocked things up & got a man sent off after 30 mins they failed to give Accrington any real challenge
Don't care. The club certainly won't anyway.
Stourbridge at home if they get through, would sort them out financially for years.
Perhaps under new ownership we might, just might consider a cup run worth trying, especially as promotion is pretty much out of the window.

So I would want to avoid the big guns, but especially the shit. I can live without BCDs.
Barrow or Blackpool away, Stourbridge/Northampton at home or AFC Wimbledon at home
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Not the Albion. We'll get hammered.....

......Relax I meant Burton.
Despite all our wishes we will probably end up with Chelsea away...!!!
Eastleigh/Southampton/Bournemouth away for purely selfish reasons
Any of the below away from home will do very nicely:

AFC Wimbledon
Accrington Stanley
Eastleigh or Halifax
We coming out last then ??
So, we play away to Stoke... Yuk