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FAO - Deutschy

“Dave told me, ‘oh you won’t take all the credit for the signing!’.

Bloody hell DJ, of all the times you passed the buck for your own failings, there was an ideal opportunity to do it.

If I ever take over the club then I'm banning that bloke forever. (The Norwegian fella, though I might ban DJ and Seyi as well)
And he even played his part in Wolves history – when recommending to former boss Dave Jones that he should sign a certain Nigerian midfielder, then playing in Norway, by the name of Seyi Olofinjana.


Mind you, DJ liked him so much he signed him for Cardiff too.
Give him a break DW, he was obviously suffering from Jet lag, although he can't be a serious Wolves supporter, there's no fucking bar in his Wolves room, FFS!
The view from his Wolves room looks fantastic, mind you
no bar!! what more is to be said!

I've got close to that view, but after all these years, without a cypro, it's just fog!!