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Football Trivia questions


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Apr 26, 2011
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Does anyone follow @FootballTeasers on Twitter?

They post some good questions that get the grey matter working. I'm pretty useless with remembering stats and dates etc, but thought it'd be cool to share out the questions with you guys.

Today's is:

Ten Englishmen have played in the Premier League and La Liga. Name them.

After 5 mins I've got 6:

Steve McManaman
David Beckham
Michael Owen
Jonathan Woodgate (Langers)
Jermain Pennant (Langers)
Stan Collymore (Langers)
Dalian Atkinson (Langers)
Gary Lineaker (Sniffer Grouse)
Kevin Richardson (Langers)

No cheating, no google or wiki - GO!
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Thought of 2 more - Collymore and Pennant (when he famously left his car and forgot about it!)
Did Dalian Atkinson play in Spain?
Yes, nicely done!
Well that was fun :icon_rolleyes:
So, machin bought a ball, but only langers was allowed to play with it...:(
David Platt never played in La Liga

He played in Serie A for Sampdoria, Juventus and Bari

Paul Ince never played in La Liga

Played in Serie A for Inter Milan
Couple of commentators Michael Robinson and Gerry Armstrong.
checking it, Des Walker never played in Spain either - played for Sampdoria in Italy as well. Still a couple to find then
I don't recall Des Walker playing on Spain. Didn't he play in Italy?
Mark Hughes played for Barcelona.