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Fulham (A) 27/11: Build-Up & Match Thread

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Amazing that they look at the screen for that, but not for Semedo, Silva or Hwang decisions.
If on one of our players I want that, wasn't as sure on the first take but that 2nd pen feels like a definite stop from William, not a stutter (which is allowed still).
Stunned people think that isn’t a stonewall penalty, really.

The disappointing bit is that it was missed in real time.
Anyone else looking forward to another Premier League Apology?
If you continue to tackle like cunts in the penalty box…….you are more likely to have to deal with the cunts in the VAR box.

Totally self-inflicted.
Yeah that's what it is. Let's just not tackle anymore, that'll be better.
The most disappointing thing about tonight is that Fulham are fucking dreadful, and if anything we’ve been worse.

I hope the VAR debate doesn’t hide that fact.

Also sad seeing Raul now. Totally out of his depth
Not open for further replies.