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Ipswich 0 - 0 Wolves: The Most Expensive Sleep Aid


NOT Ted Lasso...
Nov 30, 2012
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Can always rely on Mick for a good 0-0 draw on a Tuesday night.
I opened a thread as well - can a Mod please merge mine into this one

Quite surprised that there were 2 of us still awake after that
In fairness, though, we needed at least a point here. It was done in an awfully uninspiring way, but if we'd taken nothing from this match it would have been proper nuclear meltdown time.

A point away from home is acceptable, even if the performance may not have been.
I opened a thread as well - can a Mod please merge mine into this one

Quite surprised that there were 2 of us still awake after that

I'm always looking to sneak in with a "clever" title. :icon_wink:
The most expensive bench in history and Wolves produce austerity football. Its a good job its not an entertainment industry.
Erm, at least we got a point?

Biggest positive tonight is that I'm not in fucking Ipswich.
I applaud the 443 fans that probably won't get to bed until the early hours of tomorrow morning £37.50 lighter in the pocket.
I'll take it given how bad that starting XI was. I never ever want to see that again. I don't know how or why we own so many dreadful footballers.

A good point IF we win on Saturday.
No Bright, no Dicko no Costa, right or wrong I dont know but neither does Lambert, he still hasnt a feckin clue as to his best XI
PL will see tonight as good progress, the clean sheet was his main concern, I fear, like KJ he will come to the conclusion that he needs a 7 man defence
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Sounds like we could've snatched it at the end- hit the post and the bar, anyway beforehand it would've taken a point so there it is.
Looking at positives, a clean sheet, a decent away point on what is always a tricky trip and an end to the losing run and if we beat Rotherham, a good 4 points. If we don't beat Rotherham the whole lot need sacking. It sounds like Marshall is starting to settle now
Pathetic. Vile team. Fuck off Lambert as far as I am concerned.
Some bald stats according to BBC

Our Possession 57%
Our shots 8-1
Their shots 3-2
Even if we lose against rotherham we can't sack him, three managers have shuffled more or less the same pack we gotta just hope we have a mini run.... quick
Hit the bar and the post at the end, could have been so much better despite everything. Same as the Reading game that on another day we could have got a scrappy win. Trouble with the way we've been playing is that we won't ever create many chances so you have to take the ones you get and we just don't do it.

To be quite honest if we can't beat Rotherham we don't deserve to be in this league.