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January 2017 Transfer Thread

Agreed. Plus there is no denying that the offer is bloody excellent and a huge incentive to buy tickets. If there was any way financially that I could I would be all over it for a ticket for me and one for mini and micro to share.

How much does a season ticket cost, for you and your son? Paddy.
Yes please, saw him on TV looks good, and said he as kept himself fit.
He never moved more than about 5 metres anyway so age isn't going to affect him. He was doing a job for Monaco in the CL recently, not sure how he's not got a club.
You'd stick 5k on the gate vs the likes of Rotherham and Cardiff to see him.
He's an absolute God of a man but I think I'd rather we signed Keano if we're going down that route.
It's a non starter anyway as Thelwell would rather play the youth.
Is there any basis to this?

We'd end up lumping it in the air to him anyway
You'd stick 5k on the gate vs the likes of Rotherham and Cardiff to see him.

I thought something similar during the match, it would probably get me back down there. Not been since October and our league performances are unlikely to get me back anytime soon.
I would love to see Berb at Wolves but I just don't think he would fit in with the hard working ethos Lambert is trying to instill. That said goals are a problem and he knows where the back of the net is and would undoubtedly create a few for Costa and Co...

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