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Looking for Wolves fans who enjoy writing!


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Oct 5, 2015
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Hi everyone. Apologies to the mods for not asking permission to write this, I wasn't sure who to get in touch with.

I'm launching a magazine in December that will cover all the teams in the West Midlands. I got the idea from an old university project I did a few years ago, I've always felt that the West Midlands is a really under-represented area in the press compared to places like London and the North West, and I want to do something to try and change that.

So, to cut a long story short, I'm looking for 3 writers who would be happy to write opinion pieces for the Wolves section. The mag is still being designed atm, but if anyone is interested I'll get back in touch later this month to confirm word counts and make sure people have enough time to get the articles written. Also, if you own a business and think that you offer the kind of product or service that would be of interest to football fans in the West Mids, we have a small amount of advertising space in the launch issue.

If anyone has any questions or queries, or if you'd be interesting in writing for us or advertising with us, please email centrecirclemag@gmail.com - you can follow us on Twitter too @CentreCircleMag.

I'll be checking back here as often as I can to try and talk to as many Wolves fans as possible and and gauge the mood around Molineux!

Thanks for reading,
I aint no good at ritin but I am sure somebody on ere will be