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Nine games left (of which eight in April)


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Oct 26, 2009
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Other than staying up (obvs), what are people looking for from our nine remaining games?

Given that all but three are at home, I'm hoping for a significant improvement in performance and results at Molineux following the recent upturn away from home.

However, with eight of the nine games taking place in April, there's bound to be some rotation and this might take away some of the momentum we've benefitted from of late. In particular, it's been the front four of Costa, Cavaleiro, Marshall and Weimann that appears to have caused the problems and it's unlikely Cav especially will manage eight games in four weeks.

If we start playing Edwards at 10 again then I think we'll struggle - particularly in terms of breaking teams down at home. It leads to the striker being isolated and it gives the wide players too much to do.

If Cav isn't up to playing every game, we need a better footballer at 10. Provided we play one, I can cope with Edwards as one of the deeper central midfielders (for this season at least).

How many points do people think we'll need to guarantee safety, giving us the freedom to end the season playing some decent, attacking football at home?
if we're done with the Dave Edwards experiment I'd hope we'll beat Forest, Bristol, Derby and Cardiff. Draws against Preston, Blackburn and Huddersfield (who will start looking to the play offs) and lose against Brighton and Leeds.
I don't think we need more than six points to be safe now. We could seal the deal straight away by beating Cardiff and Forest.

Some coherent attacking play (along the lines of what we saw vs Brentford/Fulham), better home results (which should naturally follow), no Edwards at #10 and MGW/Ennis/Bright plus possibly Herc/Breslin getting a decent go will do me.

We can't ask for much more than that when there are so many of the squad that flat out aren't fit for purpose.
Looking at their fixtures, it's difficult to make a case for Burton to get more than 9 points, so another 6 for us will be enough to guarantee safety.
My hopes would be....

To get those 6 points by Easter Monday at the latest

To find a way to break sides down at home. Cardiff, Forest and Blackburn will probably all come for a point or a smash and grab win maybe even Preston, Huddersfield and Brighton too dependant on how their promotion ambitions are looking, so we should get plenty of practice.

Williamson to play 3 games in a week to see if he's up to it and earns that new contract

Zyro and Graham to make cameo subs appearances

Ennis and MGW to start a game

Dicko to score a hat trick and go into the Summer with confidence

Hammer Derby
An average of a point a game should be more than enough, but would want more than that.

Want to see a significant level of improvement in the return from the home games as unless we can get this from home games next season then we will still not seriously challenge for promotion.
With 7 more games in April I would target Forest Blackburn and Bristol as the games for wins. That would make us completely safe. Points at home to Huddersfield and Brighton should not be beyond us and away to Derby as we have the Indian sign over Rowett! That just leaves Leeds and thats a nice away day with a result of MEH. Preston point and thats ye lot.
The very fact that we flirted with relegation is very disappointing. Hopefully lessons have been learned and next season we will be fighting at the other end of the table.
I think we're safe already TBH but we'll pick up more points. 4-6 in the next 2 games would be great to push those 2 sides into further trouble. I'd love Brizzle to go down.
I'd much rather Brizzle go too than Forest or Burton.
Bristol City or Blackburn for me. Lee Johnson is a penis and I can't stand Mowbray either.

We're well capable of beating both and they can sort the rest out among themselves.