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Prediction league 2016/17


Housecoat, la
Mar 12, 2010
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A shout out to enquire who, and how many are interested if this runs this season.

Usual rules - prem fixtures plus the wolves games. You predict a scoreline, & first scorer. If you get the correct result, then you get 1 point. If you get the correct score, 3 points. 3 points also for correctly getting the first scorer.

New players will be most welcome (someone needs to give sniffer a run for his money).

I'm happy to start the season posting the fixtures as I have done for 2-3 years now. However I need to add a caveat in - I had some significant changes to my job & responsibilities which might mean at a couple of times in the season I could do with a hand posting fixtures as I may not be able to. Please let me know if you're able/willing to help.
Count me in Warren
And me........... Wolves' first scorer will be difficult to choose (hopefully)
I suppose that I ought to defend the title. I'll post fixtures when you can't LJ and will continue to do the table.
I will try again
I'm in again - have improved each year & was challenging last time until I managed to bugger up the last few weeks
If you're okay with a newbie, I'm interested in this.
I'm in, although there will most likely be a round or two I won't be able to play (if that's allowed). I'm still gonna win! :)