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Prince Oniangue

I think I speak on behalf of ALL Wolves fans, when I say we'd love to see some of those goals in the youtube video you made, translated across to performances while wearing a Wolves shirt.

Prince came across as a very likable fella when he first signed. He made all the right noises in his interview and seemed like a top signing for a position we drastically needed an upgrade in. But unfortunately his performances on the pitch since then have felt like a massive let down.

I appreciate a little bit of that will be the Zenga factor and being played out of position, but he seemed to lack the most basic traits required to be a professional footballer in the brief appearances I have seen from him (weak in the tackle, poor first touch, bad in the air).

Hopefully he's working harder than ever to improve himself in training and when he's given the chance by Lambert, fingers crossed he takes the opportunity.
Isn't Prince injured at the moment and that is the reason he has missed the last couple?
He's injured at the moment isn't he?

I won't judge him until we a) play him in his proper position, with a brief to do what he does best and b) start actually playing a proper midfield rather than having one bloke stood five yards in front of the back four and two blokes aimlessly milling around 30 yards further upfield.
I look on him as a similar player to Dave Edwards but I give Edwards the edge at this time because of his consistency. Hopefully in time Paul Lambert buys a more complete footballer for the ten role, someone who can bring others into the game.