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Sheff Utd (H) 25/2: Build-Up & Match Thread

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Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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I know all the tired tropes about "typical Wolves". I know the Portsmouth/Huddersfield historical comparisons because I was there. I know we lost to these earlier in the season (in filthy weather, thanks to a phantom penalty conceded by a sub-standard player who isn't here any more). But if we turn up anything like here, we'll win. They're very close to 07/08 Derby in terms of simply lacking quality and increasingly belief.

If we do have tenuous hopes of making Europe through the league (I still don't think I buy it, but there is without doubt a chance of sorts) then we actually do need to win.

No need to mess around with the team though we should very much look at taking a CH off if it's 0-0 at HT and they're simply aiming for that (not that a point particularly helps them).



Semedo--------Lemina------J Gomes------Ait-Nouri


2023/24: L 1-2 (A)
2021/22: W 3-0 (H, FAC)
2020/21: W 1-0 (H), W 2-0 (A)
2019/20: D 1-1 (H), L 0-1 (A)
2017/18: W 3-0 (H), L 0-2 (A)
2013/14: W 2-0 (H), W 2-0 (A)
2008/09: D 1-1 (H), W 3-1 (A)
2007/08: D 0-0 (H), L 1-3 (A)
2005/06: D 0-0 (H), L 0-1 (A)
2004/05: W 4-2 (H), D 3-3 (A)
2002/03: L 1-3 (H), D 3-3 (A), W 3-0 (N, P/O)
2001/02: W 1-0 (H), D 2-2 (A)
2000/01: D 0-0 (H), L 0-1 (A)
1999/00: W 1-0 (H), L 0-3 (A)
1998/99: W 2-1 (H), D 1-1 (A)
1997/98: D 0-0 (H), L 0-1 (A)
1996/97: L 1-2 (H), W 3-2 (A)
1995/96: W 1-0 (H), L 1-2 (A)
1994/95: D 2-2 (H), D 3-3 (A)

433 for me. Doyle instead of Toti, pointless suggesting either of the other centre halves
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I actually wonder if this might be one occasion where we could play Nathan Fraser from the start.
Absolutely no excuses not to be winning this comfortably tbh. Of course I don’t think any of us are expecting that due to the games DW mentions but we need to find a way to be better in these winnable home games.
An early goal could be handy in this game for a number of reason, but main ones

1) Sheff Utd's brittle confidence will collapse
2) This is a game where the action on the pitch will decide the atmosphere - Flat start and Sky will have to dig out those tapes of crowd noise from the Covid games
49/52 on the quiz didn't get the first one or the loanee in the 90's if I'd played all evening.

On the game, this has the same feel as when we played Norwich under Nuno (3-0 barely out of 2nd gear) rather than Huddersfield for me.

I just hope we don't have a weird aberration like Forest where we decide we haven't played together before or O'Neil fucks it with a silly set up/subs like Fulham which plays into their hands.
Definitely do with an early goal or two or else it’ll become very Brentfordesque in terms of the dark arts.
Get in front against these and they crumble. Genuinely shocking side. Could be another easy win like the 4-0 against Watford under Lage.

Watched their second half against Brighton. When the 3rd went in Wilder stood with his hands on his head for at least 30 seconds, inspiring stuff gaffer.
51/52 on the quiz and the one was someone I’d usually guess in these quizzes :(
Some vintage stuff, a very happy childhood memory with us lifting the trophy at the end (now if someone could have told 8 year old Dan that we'd then do fuck all for nearly 15 years, that would have been handy)

I remember that night like it was a couple of weeks ago. 11 years old and a second league title in two years along with Bully’s antics. You just don’t get better than that.
A fantastic night. Sheffield United got the point they needed to secure promotion so both sets of supporters were euphoric.
Everyone’s confidence is making me uneasy. 😅
I am dreading this game, working in a school in Sheffield I am still hearing about how rubbish (different language is used!) We must be for losing to the Blades, them doing the double of us basically means I have to resign.
Gaz presser:

- Everyone fit, bar Cunha
- No timeline on Cunha return. He's "impressed the physio's so far", but they need to be careful with him
- Expecting us to have a lot more of the ball v Sheff Utd than Spurs, and less spaces to hit them on the break as they generally play with a back 5
- want's us to continue being solid at the back so the attacking players can do their thing
- important to get back on track at Molineux after two defeats. Man Utd was a fine line, but very disappointed with the Brentford performance
- thinks Sheff Utd have been a little unlucky with some of their results. Said teams have been very clinical against them
- Thinks Gomes has the ability to score more goals
It'll be very interesting to see how Gaz goes up against a low block again. I'm not sure we can beat that yet, we're gonna need to draw them out and try and turn the ball over quickly.
I could be overlooking something obvious here but I believe that Sheff Utd are the last team against whom we missed a penalty in the league (Neves in Sep 2017 at Bramall Lane). Fairly sure we've scored every one since which is an astonishing record, nearly six and a half years!
It'll be very interesting to see how Gaz goes up against a low block again. I'm not sure we can beat that yet, we're gonna need to draw them out and try and turn the ball over quickly.
I think players like RAN & Semedo need to do a little bit more when we come up against a low block (this isn't a criticism) by making more diagonal/less predictable movements and runs off the ball when we're in and around the box - little one two's and playing around the corner etc. For all the criticism (most of it justified) that Doc gets/got, this is why he was so successful in Nuno's side - because he used to make those runs and get himself in positions to score or do something.

As good as we are to watch, when we come up against these sides that play a low block, we're still a bit slow, methodical and predictable in possession. I've lost count of the number of times we've knocked it from side to side with little penetration. It's about finding a way to attack and be successful against sides where we're not 100% relying on the pace of Neto etc on the counter.

I think Gaz will get there eventually, but I feel like Semedo/RAN could be key to unlocking defences, or certainly creating more problems than they have so far. Risk & reward innit?
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