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The squad mid term reports


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Given all the threads on the manager , whether he stays or goes, who comes next or doesnt I thought it might be good to look at the majority of those who have been perfroming for us this year and how they have done together with their capability to play at this or a higher level. Here are my thoughts.

1 Carl Ikeme Nigerian - Good season in league one but is beaten too often low down or from distance to be considered as one of the Championships best
goalkeepers. Lower Championship standard
2 Matt Doherty Rep. Irish- A truly awful defender. Positionally inept and often giving opposition players too much space .League one at Best
3 Scott Goldbourne English- Another who fails to do the basics on occasions. Positioning improved with Williamson in his ear and on his shoulder but back to his early season standard now. Lower championship
4 Dave Edwards Welsh- Runs and runs but little creative end product. Does get the odd goal but is not and never will be a creative number 10- Lower Championship

6 Danny Batth (C) English- Turning circle of the QE2 often exposed for pace and often requires guidance on positioning. Has not improved since promotion which is a shame. Lower Championship
7 James Henry English- Energetic and willing but often lacking in end product which frustrates colleagues and fans alike. Can score great goals and can create but often flatters to deceive and under delivers.- Lower chanpionship
9 Nouha Dicko French- Real shame injury has robbed him of the chance to show his metal this season. Pace and finishing better than anyone at the club. Looks to be a little heavier this year. It will be interesting to see how well he returns after injury. Upper Championship
10 Benik Afobe English- A brilliant start to his Wolves career that has tailed off somewhat this year. Certainly has class but does require much better service. Better in tandem with Dicko than anyone else- Lower Premiership
11 Kevin McDonald Scottish- Capable of defence splitting passes and creative inspiration but equally as capable of going absent and sulking. Too much of the latter this season. One paced and that limits his ability to perform at a higher level. Lower championship
12 Jed Wallace English- High hopes but has not shown much so far. Looks a bit lightweight however has not had a run in the team to prove himself. Lower championship

16 Conor Coady English- Looked a class act at first but form tailed off. Cannot get a starting place but that may change in January. Tireless worker but prone to the odd indiscretion . 2 million seems a lot. Lower championship

18 Dominic Iorfa English- Inexperience is his greatest weakness. Needs a real leader beside him to enable his game to improve which Batth is not proving to be. He has skill , strength and pace and could be a star of the future if he continues to progress- lower premiership
19 Jack Price English- unsung hero who does the basics well and protects the centre halves. Even better when Williamson was behind him. Upper championship
20# Sheyi Ojo English- Awful diving and inability to stay upright under pressure. A couple of neat finishes masked a poor loan spell. He is not a premiership footballer on this showing. Lower championship
23 Ethan Ebanks-Landell English- Ponderous with a poor defensive jump and poor positioning EEL has been horribly exposed in the last few weeks. He lacks pace and he lacks nouse. League one
24* Jordan Graham English- Potentially the main bright spot with Iorfa for this season. Has pace and has end product and is creating goals. Oh for a couple more of him. Upper championship
25 Nathan Byrne English- Another with potential and pace. A bit lightweight and can drift out of games but worth persevering with as he adds a dimension of unknown. His pace causes problems. Upper championship
26# Emiliano Martinez Argentinian- A couple of ricks to begin with but then settled down to show a commanding presence and excellent shot stopping ability including penalties. Shame he was injured. Could be a quality keeper. Lower premiership
27# Grant Holt English- Has lost a little weight but still looks heavy. Signed on loan and under used. Cannot see the point of signing him if you were not going to play him. He doesn’t look up to standard either. League one
28 Sylvain Deslandes French- one for the future
29# Adam Le Fondre English- Should be a show in starter most weeks especially at home given his record at this level but has lived on scraps both with chances created and opportunities to play. Worth sticking with. Upper championship
30 Kortney Hause English- inexperience and has not done as well expected . Needs leadership alongside him. Injury has not helped. Worth persevering with as one for the future, Upper championship

48 Bright Enobakhare Nigerian- not seen enough of him to give a verdict.
I agree with your divisional assessment of everyone bar Le Fondre, who I've seen very little to persuade me is anything better than a journeyman lower Championship waster who's still living off his reputation. I had really high hopes after the Fulham game where he looked excellent, but there's been very little since.

It's depressing how much lower league dross we've assembled. Someone needs to be held accountable for all the crap which hasn't improved the side. I have no idea what percentage split there is in influence between the coach and Thelwell, but whoevers got the majority of that control should be dismissed instantly before they can do any more damage in January.
And the manager?

Sadly, Kenny has not made any progress at all this term. In fact, his work is worse than when he was in the lower class. He insists on playing with his favourites and has STILL not mastered the "square peg in a square hole" exercise. He is giving increasingly bizarre explanations for his failure to make progress. He is a nice boy and everyone at the school has fond memories of him, especially the work he did in standing up to the school bullies and clearing up the mess made by that naughty Welsh boy. Sadly, however, Kenny's work has now deteriorated to such an extent that there is little point in giving him a grade for this term. With regret, the Board of Governors have decided that Kenny should move to a new school as soon as possible.
No players have improved under Kenny Jacketts coaching. I still believe we have a decent team apart from defence but even there one Williamson type made a huge difference. The buck stops with Jackett.

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A number of players have had decent patches, but I wouldn't say anyone has had anything better than an average season, with a number way below this.
This is where I currently am with our squad.

Are good enough to be part of a squad for where we want to be (in this division, at least)

Scott Golbourne, Nouha Dicko, Benik Afobe, Kevin McDonald, Dominic Iorfa, Jack Price, Jordan Graham, Emi Martinez, Adam Le Fondre, Kortney Hause

Jury is out - many due to lack of opportunities - plenty to prove for all of these but deserve a further (perhaps final in some cases) chance

Danny Batth, George Saville, Lee Evans, Jed Wallace, Conor Coady, Nathan Byrne, Bjorn Sigurdarson, Sylvain Deslandes, Jon Flatt, Connor Ronan, Bright Enobakhare

Placed on notice. Cannot afford to get rid of all these right now but are not going to be good enough and replacements should be an immediate priority

Carl Ikeme, James Henry, Ethan Ebanks-Landell

Crap. Could sell/release all of these today without them ever playing another minute for the club and we'd be no worse off

Matt Doherty, Dave Edwards, Aaron McCarey, Tommy Rowe, Rajiv van La Parra, Sheyi Ojo, Grant Holt, Zeli Ismail, Razak Boukari
A new keeper is a serious priority next summer - either another loan with the quality of Martinez, or we buy one in, because Ikeme really, really isn't good enough. He's been responsible for an appalling number of goals so far this season, and makes our bad defence look worse.

I almost entirely agree with DW's assessments, with the exceptions of EEL (who I think is old enough now for us to know he's not going to be good enough, ever, and we should get rid), and there are some players - like Evans and Byrne - who I think probably are good enough for us but aren't being picked, and don't actually need to "prove" anything otherwise.
Oh yeah, I should be clearer there. If possible I'd get rid of EEL now (clearly not up to standard and as you say not even that young now), however he is one of only two fit centre halves at the club, so we need to sign someone else first. As soon as we do then he can go, same goes for Ikeme and Henry. Whereas those in the bottom list wouldn't get anywhere near the best team we could pick, in many cases they wouldn't even be first pick if we got an injury so they can all go immediately for all I care.

So many weird and puzzling decisions in the last six months but giving Matt Doherty a new deal to 2019 is one of the oddest ever. Just why? I don't think he'd hold down a place in a L2 team.
Jackett's reliance on Henry is reminding me a lot of Mick's love of Hunt. Clearly not playing well but no trust for other alternatives who there's no reason to think would play any worse.
Golbourne is definitely one we should be looking to replace. He's been awful for the best part of a year, no way should we be offering him a new contract.
If we get someone else in - or Deslandes looks like he could step up - then I'd be OK giving him a short extension. Feels like relying so consistently on him must have taken a toll on his stamina, especially with that recurrent foot injury, but as a backup he's OK.

Certainly would prefer him as second-choice left-back to Doherty...
I've seen him have some good games and some poor ones. More of the former. I think he's up to standard at this level in general.

Doesn't help when Ken drops him because we need more height at the back post, it's terrible reasoning to pick/drop a full back. Especially when we pick Rowe/Doherty there instead, Rowe is hardly any bigger than Golbourne and Doherty is too heavy to get off the ground anyway (and doesn't cover properly either, if a cross comes in from the opposite side he doesn't defend the back stick). It doesn't even fit the supposed task, leaving aside that they're both shite footballers.
Some harsh assessments on this thread. Tactics can kill players. RVLP goes out on loan and suddenly he is a good player. Doesn't make sense. I would lose Rowe Saville Doherty Ikeme and Ismail immediately. I believe we have some good players but the way we set up is asking for trouble. Danny and EEL must improve quickly and I don't rate Hause at all really.

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Kortney Hause > Batth/EEL IMO.

But not by much.
Kortney Hause > Batth/EEL IMO.

But not by much.

Only because of his inexperience though for me, i think he will be much better than both of them will ever be. Him next to an experienced centre half would bring him on loads.
Batth is better than Hause.

Hause and EEL are much of a muchness and both dog turd.
Disagree on Hause. I think he has a lot of quality and can go on to play in the Premier League. He's rated highly in the England set up and by other Premier League clubs
I'm judging on what I saw earlier in the season. He made so many ricks I lost count. He improved and stopped making so many but I thought he looked a better LB than at CB.
So am I. He was making mistakes I agree. I thought it was the right decision to play him there while Batth continued his recovery, just madness that we then sold Stearman. That would have been a really good spell for his development at centre half. Come out of the team, evaluate, build on it and come back a better player.
Hause is the best CB at the club. And will get better.