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TWF favourite 3 spectator sports other than football

Tony Towner

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Feb 18, 2010
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Inspired by the SPOTY thread. I'll add up votes and compile a table by the weekend.
For me:
National Hunt - I'm not a fan of the the flat, but generic horse racing will be fine if that's what people choose.

No snobbery here, darts, pool and snooker are all sports.

I love the Olympics as an event, but I think it sits outside of this.

Just gone with what I spend most of my non-football time watching because determining preference will take forever and change day by day. There aren't many relatively mainstream (so taking out equestrian, water polo, speedway, netball etc) sports that I don't watch. Never had any interest in horse racing, cycling isn't for me even though I understand the appeal and I don't like rugby league. Oh and NFL, I've tried, not my bag I'm afraid. But I do like baseball and ice hockey.

I'm not sure I'll ever determine if I like football or cricket more. Fortunately it isn't a competition.
Tough one.

NFL definitely top. Tend to make an effort to watch F1 weekly so that’s got to be in there. Then probably cricket/Tennis. But I will watch literally anything. Darts, Snooker, Cycling, winter sports
Athletics (track events)
Rugby Union

I don't actually watch all that many sports compared to most people on here but I do really enjoy those 3.

Cannot stand cricket, golf or NFL but can put up with darts, snooker, F1.
Cricket - this is right up there with football for me, probably discuss cricket with my friends more than I do football
Tennis - the last 10 years have been an awesome watch, don't know how much longer tennis will be in my top 3 when Fed/Nadal/Djok/Murray all retire
NH racing - like you Tony, don't really follow the flat but now the jumps season is back so am I.
Rugby, league or union, I don't have enough understanding to have a preference of either discipline but I find both watchable in the absence of a proper shaped ball.

F1, used to watch quite a bit of MotoGP, BTCC and WRC too which would've broadened it to simply motorsport but it's been purely F1 in that area for many years now.

Cricket, strictly T20 these days though, tried to watch a bit of the first Ashes test the other night and didn't even make it to the 2nd ball before I turned it off, painfully slow.

It's very much an exercise in 'least worst' alternative to football for me though, the split of my sport viewing must be 95% football, and 2%, 2%, 1% respectively to the three above. Even those numbers are probably generous to the competition to be honest.
The heck is a snooker
Americans don't play it, they can't deal with sports that are difficult ;)

I was gonna make a joke about how complicated football is, but then I remembered the time I tried to explain the offside rule to my dad.
The heck is a snooker

Mate, get into it. Such a good game, full of strategy and offense and defence. It was big in Canada when I lived there 15 years ago.

Basic rules:
Score higher than your opponent. Each time you pot (sink) a red, you must then pot a colour. The reds are all worth 1pt. Colours are:
Yellow: 2pts
Green: 3 pts
Brown: 4 pts
Blue: 5 pts
Pink: 6 pts
Black: 7 pts

The World Championship is held in Sheffield every April, incredible tension in a tiny venue that is usually a Theatre. Seriously.... check it out.

I was gonna make a joke about how complicated football is, but then I remembered the time I tried to explain the offside rule to my dad.

Difficult to play rather than understand. Although if you've not played, then watching a safety-based frame is probably a bit grim.

I've barely picked a cue up the last five years, I could probably still rock up and play pool to a semi-acceptable standard tomorrow. Snooker...not a hope. It's bloody hard. I was half-decent once upon a time but like I say, I don't play any more. Drifted out of it and don't have anyone to play with now.
What's your highest break? Mines 31, so not a boasting trap!
63 as far as I remember, think I've gone past 50 about four times. Used to play 3-4 times a week.

When I was being a twat a few years ago I broke my Ronnie O'Sullivan cue. Proper dickhead behaviour. Never replaced it.
I've got a nice Riley cue I picked up in Inverness a few years back. In 3 pieces with the extension too. I also dont use it nearly enough anymore. must get back into it.