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West Ham 1 Wolves 0 - Verdict Thread

Honourable effort but West Ham's quality came through in the end.

Think I heard Edwards' name on the 2nd half commentary about twice, says it all. Hate to single the bloke out every game but he offers absolutely nothing. Speaks volumes about this manager that he continues to get a shirt while we loan out a promising player in Wallace who never got a chance in his actual position.

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Sounds like a more promising performance against a decent Prem outfit and no shame to go down 1-0.
Gutted for Siggy. I just want to know why Byrne can't get a run in the team, not seen him much but when I have he looks promising, would have thought this game was ideal for him to play 90.
So close to a well deserved replay, and if ALF had taken that chance at the end, then we would still be in the cup. Still that has gone, move on to our next game. It could be between me and Parkin as to who plays up front...!!
ALF against Flum. God knows against Cardiff.

Knowing kenny, more than likely will be RVLP.
Well I do quite like all his fancy step overs.

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Why VLP got a start rather than Byrne baffles me, VLP is poor with hardly any attributes apart from pace while Byrne seems to have pace, a bit of skill and a little footballing "nous" from the small amount I've seen him play
RVLP could have had an assist after 2 minutes today. Bjorn too slow to react. Apparently.
Devastated for Bjorn. Not bothered in the slightest about the result.

Hopefully everyone who went had a good day out.
Right... on the train home and here's my two penethworth...
Siggy had looked pretty good upto the moment he turned and slipped with no one near him and ended up on a stretcher...hopefully just a tweak. ALF was very lively when he came on and we need to sign him on a permanent deal asap... Zyro defended well, won a few headers and isn't afraid to shoot.
We defended and attacked as a team and with a little luck would of forced a replay.
VLP did ok too as did Doherty but Edwards...my god how does he keep getting game time? By far the worse player on the pitch and hindered our attacking movement at every turn. He's a lovely bloke and all the and can probably do a job for 20 minutes at the end of a game but just stifled any attacking impetus we had
I thought we huffed and puffed but sadly not good enough to break down a poor West Ham. Defensively sound until the goal but lacking a major killer threat in their box, we could have played until 2077 and still wouldn't score.
We didn't have any shots on target and didn't look like scoring. Good day out. Hope Siggy is ok.
Any other reports from anyone who went on how Zyro got on?
We didn't have any shots on target and didn't look like scoring. Good day out. Hope Siggy is ok.

Yes we did - Zyro forced a decent, if regulation save out of their keeper ( I know that for a fact as it was arrowing straight for my head if the net hadn't been in the way)

An improvement from previous games in that we spent time in their half & had a couple of chances. For a top 10 Premier team West Ham did not overly impress & in reality gave us little problems.

Ind scores

Ikeme 7 - calm & unruffled, decent tip over. Not much he could do about the goal
Iorfa 6 - Defended well and brought the ball forward a number of times. Had chances in the second half to take the ball on, but seemed unsure of himself & slowed it down
Batth 6 - headed & blocked when needed. Not much going forward apart from a big boot on the ball
EEL 7 - Thought he had a good game. Read the danger points better that Danny. Both he and Batth coped well with Carroll when he came on.
Doherty 6 - fair game. No massive holes left behind him & snuffed out a number of dangerous positions. Little impact going forward
KMac 7 - tried manfully to start things off, but like others didn't seem to fully believe. Some good passing to open the game up.
Coady 6 - lot of energy, broke up play well but did not get forward as much as needed
VLP 5 - had the beating of the full back (which we know), but still can't cross (which we also know)
Edwards 4 - (& that's being generous) couple of tackles to break up attacks early & covered a lot of ground. Did not do what is needed in that position
Zyro 6 - decent first game. Has a fair shot and prepared to put in the yards both up front & defensively. Seemed comfortable wherever he was in that forward 3. Whether he has greater capabilities will need more than 1 game to show
Siggy 6 - really gutted for him when he went down.Had played well up to that point winning a number of headers against much bigger defenders. Hopefully it is not a serious injury, though he looked in some pain

Subs -

ALF 6 - ball stuck to him better when he came on, though he will be wondering how he didn't at least get the 1 chance he had on target
Henry & Graham not on long so not going to score them.

Overall reasonable - just felt that we lacked belief that we could win this, there were times when attacks fizzled out rather than being pressed home quickly. I suppose its not that surprising given that we were not on scintillating form before this game.

Good day out with Darlo otherwise (apart from the rain soaking us as we left the ground)
Zyro had a decent first half, won a fair few in the air and carried the ball well. Tried to take his man on a few times but came up against a speed Winston Reid. Second half he tired terribly but all in all pretty decent account.