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Why Do You Go To Football?


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Mar 31, 2015
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Hi there,

I’m a 3rd year Business and Marketing student from the University of Lincoln. I am posting to ask if anyone would be interested in participating in my dissertation questionnaire posted below. The topic is on ‘Motivational Factors that Influence Attendance to English Football Matches’ and comprises mainly of statements and then leads to demographic and consumer behaviour insights.

Link to questionnaire:

The study shouldn’t take too long, only 5-10 minutes and the statements and questions have been kept straight forward and simple.

The data would be very useful in the football world due to the lack of academic and actual research into the topic, thus hopefully improving insights into spectators so that services, marketing and understandings can be enhanced. I don't stand to gain anything financially from this study but instead want this research to highlight what fans attend football expecting and wanting so that clubs and also academics can gain insights into what is a severely under researched area despite football fans numbering in the millions.

If you have any enquires or further questions then please post below. Also if you know of anyone else who may wish to participate, then please share the link with them, it really is appreciated because every participant can have an impact on data.
I wouldn't wait 5-10 for a starter...