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Wolves 0-2 Brentford: Verdict Thread

The irony being I didn’t actually mind Shabba. We’ve had way, way worse.
Granted he wasn’t POTY material but we’ve also had worse of those.

I know you didn't, that's why I mentioned it :D

I've made very small noises about maybe writing again, deconstructing what nonsense that award was in the context of that season could tip the scales.
Rankine tried had there is no doubting that, he also had a pretty good career after he left us, but he was very limited technically.

Odd that he was bored as an attacking midfielder/forward.

Bored Mark had a reasonable scoring record for Doncaster (probably why we signed him)

ONE goal for us in 150+ games. One.
I'm sure I had (Shabba) Rankine in one of my Champ Manager games back in the day and him having a prolific 20+ goals in one season. I sold him the next season and bought Batistuta.