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Wolves 0 - Charlton 0 The most frustrating verdict thread

Bad result and opportunity lost. We must be beating this type of team consistently.
The draw experts do it again - 14 now.

A clean sheet and an opportunity missed.
Good that Jackett saw it wasn't working but shame that going to 4-4-2 then 4-2-3-1 didn't have any tangible effect.
I know it's another clean sheet but our goal diff is -2 and Watford above us are +25.
We really need to sort this, Hopefully Afobe and Lingard can do the bizz once they settle in...
That said, frustrating day today and lots of huff and puff but with 62% possession and 12 shots but only 2 on target, it feels like 2 points dropped.

See you lads, have a good weekend.
Like I said in the match day thread, you'd have thought that the lads would've learnt how to break down hard defences from last weekend.
It isn't that simple to break down a hugely defensive outfit though. Poor stuff today by wolves though. Price was bloody awful.
Disappointing that we still struggle to break down a team set up to defend. We should have learned about that last season. Frustrating but it is one more point.
Matt Le Tissier slating the game on SSN. Said both teams were "devoid" of any confidence and were very, very poor in the final third. Said we have no chance of finishing in the top 6 based on todays showing although it was the first 90 minutes hes seen of us.
We still lack that player who can put the killer ball through/into the box - all our attacks seemed a bit rushed with no one taking enough thought as to how to do it - Charlton had 2 very experienced CBs who , whilst not quick at all, were going to need something other than ordinary to get round them.

If Lingard is the supposed Monday announcement as has been mooted then maybe he is the missing link. Price & McDonald didn't seem to affect the play sufficiently going forward.

Bright spot for me was the return of Golbourne - sounded as if he did more than OK and put a couple of very decent balls in
Plus points were VLP, Iorfa and the return of Golborne.
Charlton came to defend, the same as Blackpool did last week and we couldn't break them down.
We needed more guile and some better killer balls into the danger area
RVLP looked good today and Golburne looked very good going fwd.

Kmac was defensively excellent but he really needs to dictate games and create chances. The only threat we have is going wide and we need to have more than that to win games against stubborn defensive set ups
We had all the possession, but failed to break them down. Mostly due to our failure to play through the middle of the pitch, they were happy for us to play in wide areas.

Van la parra our best player and McDonald did well again. Henry andEdwards very poor I thought
Charlton were shit, we lacked a bit of creativity today - if we'd have had sako we would've won.

Thought Edwards was shocking today, far worse than price. Price is there to break up play and pass it short, apart from one spanner he did that today. Edwards is only good at late breaks into the box, he didn't do that today and was completely anonymous.

If we'd have had a player who could run with the ball in central midfield today, instead of Edwards we'd have been much better.
Rubbish. Same as last week.

Midfield 2 just don't get forward or involved in attacking play. So the ball goes sideways to the wings and then back. No ability or opportunity to go through so if we can't get round we are screwed.

Their bald midfielder demonstrated how to play there. Gave the ball forward then made a run forward to either get the ball back or make space by making a run elsewhere. Whereas price and Kmac are happy to just hold the CBs hand. The change at half time should have seen price come off because there is zero point putting Edwards wide left and he may have been able to drive forward in midfield.

We desperately need something in the middle to make things happen and also commit the midfield 2 more or sign someone who will get forward rather than having both players playing deep.
Can't understand all the shit Van La Parra was getting in the South Bank, best player on the pitch for me.
Can't understand all the $#@! Van La Parra was getting in the South Bank, best player on the pitch for me.

When was this Trev? I only heard him getting cheers/his song sung...
Can't understand all the shit Van La Parra was getting in the South Bank, best player on the pitch for me.

Probably was but was a low bar. Still frustrates me. Criminal use of the overlap in the first half which was as close as we came to getting in behind. But a million times better than Henry
Where in the SB? he wast getting any stick near me

Left side three rows from the back, more than one shouting 'fuck him off' but then again same is said to Sako, I guess that's just how it is for some which makes you wonder why have Molineux as a background on your phone and a wolfs head tattooed on your arm.