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Wolves 1-0 Yeovil Verdict thread

Wolf Hunting

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Jan 31, 2010
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Seems that Price played well enough and Ronan did well too.
Don't really know about anyone else as it was far too pedestrian with no one really asserting themselves or putting their mark on the game.
Look forward to hearing from anyone who went.
From the Yeovil radio comms, sounded like we had a bit more zip when Bright and Jota came on, Vinagre's name was mentioned a lot
Bright appeared to be the catalyst - little forward movement before he came on
The radio comms immediately picked out that the ball sticks to Bright like glue. Vinagre also mentioned a lot and comms were impressed with Graham's delivery.

Pretty pedestrian from the sounds of it and Yeovil had a couple of good opportunities, but a win is a win and I don't think Nuno won't have learned anything from it (namely, that Edwards just takes up space in this formation).
Thought Leo played well and Big Willy once again.
Dicko was well off the pace, constantly caught offside but improved a lot after his goal.
Edwards had a petulant kick of the water bottle after coming off but even that was half hearted.
Bright gave them problems because no one had ran straight through the middle up until then,everything had gone out wide and back again.
Vinagre started to link well when Jota came on.
Graham was alright but never really tried to take his man on it looked like he never really had the pace to anyway..put some nice crosses in sometimes.
decent enough performance but you could see why Edwards aint gonna figure this season (he just don't fit). Price was OK first half, Graham was pretty good, Boly is cool under pressure, Bright was very err Bright and completed a few decent passes and Vinegre was also impressive. TBF Yeovil should of scored 1st it looked like a sitter from the SB. Keeper was ok too. Nice to see Dicko score but the guy don't fit either IMO. Overall a relatively uneventful game but hey ho a wins a win that makes another match to attend and maybe a wembly trip who knows.

Oh yes the young lady behind me was saying anyone who thinks DE is no good knows Fuck all about football and her bloke said he "always pops up with a goal when you need one" which made me wonder why we was so shit for the last two years I didn't enter the discussion as I would have trouble keeping a straight face
Good to see that the message about the way Nuno wants us to play has been taken on board by the whole squad, as this changed team went about their business in the same manner as Saturday.

It's painful though to see those trying to fit but aren't technical enough to make it work and their crash and bang endeavours stand out a mile.

The other issue with this newly adopted style is that we currently don't offer a great goal threat and until the likes of Costa, Marshall and Cav return we are relatively easy to defend against.

We did enough to win, in addition to total possession dominance, but should have been a goal behind from a simple defensive lapse. Thought Norris, Boly, Vinagre did well - Bennett, Baath, Price, Graham and Bonatini okay - with Edwards (poor technically, even with simple possession based lay offs), Ronan (who seemed to be trying too hard) and Dicko (again tried hard but until the last 15 wasn't at the races) having games to forget.
Bright provided a spark as did Jota but neither were able to get a clean shot on target to trouble their keeper.
I am going to keep my glass half full. This is the type of tuesday night tie that we have lost in the past to lower league opposition especially a side coming in off the back of a hammering. Yes we didnt create much but we chipped away with largely a reserve team out there. I think we made history last night. We have beaten a team 1-0 in four consecutive matches and it was one team from each divison in Peterborough, Leicester, Middlesbrough and Yeovil. Thats never happened before!

Still there is no pleasing Britney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_Gc4Ik1Q4E
Ronan (who seemed to be trying too hard) and Dicko (again tried hard but until the last 15 wasn't at the races) having games to forget.

Incredibly harsh on Ronan...he was the main player in the first half and key to a lot of good stuff we did!

On the game, pretty controlled the pace of the game without carving out too many clear chances. Should have been 1 up when Boly headed wide when unmarked 8 yards out but he put it wide. Other chances were 2 long range efforts from Ronan that went wide. We got some decent crosses in as well (apart from 3 corners in a row that were woeful but all led to another corner and on the 4th he created the chance for Boly) but no one could get on the end of them. There was a clear difference to how we set up v Boro in Midfield. Price sat deep on his own and Dave was set free (pointless asking him to do a Neves impression because as his first pass attempt showed, he can't). This did lead to some positives as Edwards main contribution came off the ball, at least 3 chances were created from his runs as he pulled a defender or 2 out of position and made space, mainly for Ronan. We won't see much of Dave this season though. Subs were made at the right time as the game was just starting to drift and Yeovil should have scored. Vinagre and Boly had a break down in communication and the Yeovil striker was 10 yards out, central and unmarked and beautifully scuffed it wide.

Felt for Dicko a bit as his position was keeping him away from the action (think he had 2 touches in the first 20 mins) but when we made the subs and he went back to being central he scored and created 2 decent chances for himself.

Good appearance for Bright and put the game back on track with his direct running and passing.
Like the look of Norris - No actual saves to make but he dominated his area, quick off his line and crosses were his and good distribution.
Boly is just a god - Never seen a defender take a hoofed clearance out of the air and turn his clearance into an acurate pass to a midfielder.
Graham did ok, considering he was playing in a new position and his first 90 mins for an age and of course he got his assist
Vinagre looks good, bit more settling in and Douglas will have some competition
Batth probably nailed down his spot as 4th choice, solid performance kept it simple and he was probably relieved that when he got the ball he wasn't expected to launch it forward. Did play one stunning 80 yard pass though
Bennett - Bang average really. Didn't do anything bad but didn't do anything to make you think he should be pushing to play. Another we will see very little of unless injuries take hold.
Leo - All about game time right now, but some good touches and one insane flick out wide that fooled 3 defenders and everyone in the North Bank

Normally a 1-0 win v a League 2 means the game was dull but I enjoyed watching what we are trying to do and with a lesser team than we had on Saturday. Some in the crowd are struggling with it though with a few gerrit forward shouts.
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Shame for Price to be paired with Edwards because he needs players around him to be effective. Likewise Wolves require central midfield to function to enable a less stuttering performance.
Spiers said he felt Dicko was the pick of our players and the only one who staked a claim for a start on Saturday. Is that accurate?
Spiers said he felt Dicko was the pick of our players and the only one who staked a claim for a start on Saturday. Is that accurate?

Last 15-20 mins maybe.

He struggled to get into the game until we put Bright on and it meant he could go central, rather than the wide roaming role he had before. He scored and created 2 decent chances once he went in the middle.
Probably not,after all they're all filthy forriners who aren't going to be up for it on a cold wet Wednesday in hull,times probably annoyed because his mate Dave Edwards has been shown finally to not be wolves answer to Lionel messi
Spiers said he felt Dicko was the pick of our players and the only one who staked a claim for a start on Saturday. Is that accurate?

Not at all - Apart from a simple goal and one shot he was poor

Norris - looked promising

Defence - had very little to do Bennet looks a bit better than Baath or Stearman (from last season)

Vinagre - showed promise

Graham - needs to player wide in a front three - not a wing back

Midfield - For me None of Edwards, Price or Ronan are good enough for a team wanting promotion from Championship

Dicko - Simply not the player he was 18 months ago

Bonatini - Worked hard will get better the fitter he gets.

Bright and Jota - certainly livened things up

We all know we need another striker maybe 2 - but also a back up to Saiss and Neves is required as the options we currently have are not good enough
Incredibly harsh on Ronan...he was the main player in the first half and key to a lot of good stuff we did!

I agree he was our player that saw most of the ball but fizzed like it was a 5-a-side game or two touch training exercise. I don't think most of what he tried came off, including his skillz, so he will be disappointed that he had no end product I'm sure. My assessment of him wasn't based on any lack of application or willingness to try and open things up, just thought it was a game where things didn't work for him hence my "game to forget" comment.

It's difficult when you know you're not Number 1 in a Managers thoughts and also know you'll get limited first team action to change his mind. As a result you end up trying too many things - it also doesn't help with having no meaningful fixtures (proper reserve games) between first team games to force your way in that way.
The fact we remain in the competition allows the likes of Ronan, Norris, Vinagre, Graham and Bright to get more minutes so I'm happy about that. I would like to see Ronan and Price in CM next cup game playing Edwards is pointless.

I think the problem with Graham as an IF is that he will naturally drift wide and in pre season it was pretty clear from Nuno that he wants them tucked in. As a wing back against a side sitting like that I don't think we can really tell if he can do it, I would like to see him as an option there over Doc when we need to be on the front foot more. It is also his first 90 mins so we can't ask too much of him.

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Ben Marshall is absolutely perfect for that left wing back role. Hope he hurries up back and gets fit quickly.
Ben Marshall is absolutely perfect for that left wing back role. Hope he hurries up back and gets fit quickly.
Almost forgot about Marshall agree with you there I think he will make a terrific WB for either side.

How much longer is he out for anyone know?

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