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Wolves 5 - Rotherham 0 the best result of the season (so far) Verdict thread

What a great result, very happy, score 5, concede 0......doesn't get any better than that
Fucking game to be ill!!!!

Say your farewell's to Paddy as he will be getting his "reward" for passing on his manky germs......
Our keeper (can't spell it without looking it up fust) pulled off at least 3 brilliant saves which helped the 0 against
Great stuff indeed, Afobe an absolutely brilliant signing and Dicko still playing great too
Afobe and dicko is a brilliant partnership. Scary pace and finishing power. Maybe the playoff push isn't over... conner Sammon is awful though!!
Brilliant stuff, delighted for us to get another good goalscoring display after Huddersfield last week too. Norwich in the middle was disappointing but they are coming like a train and hopefully we can continue to score goals and win games with Fulham and Cardiff to play next.
What a difference that result makes to my weekend. Is it true that the Millers haven't beaten Wolves at Molineux since 1920?
The rams will run away with this league now. We can do this lads. A play off place is with in our reach.
The rams will run away with this league now. We can do this lads. A play off place is with in our reach.

It isn't over, I just feel if everyone performs how they should we might just lose out. I think Brentford will finish outside the top six (great win for them today however) and Ipswich/Watford could easily fall apart.
Perfect tonic to being stuck in New Cross maternity ward! Father-in-law made good use of my ticket though which is pleasing. Can't wait to see the goals. I had a feeling once KJ found a system for both Dicko and Adobe that we'd start flying.
Whilst no doubt everyone will rave about the attack - mention should go to the defence as well.

Second half all of them sounded well involved as Rotherham tried their best, & with a better finisher than Sammon, who spurned a number of good chances, probably should have punished us.

Sounded like, Kuszczak a number of good saves, Stearman the usual blocks & intercepts, Batth headers, Iorfa recovery pace & Golbourne coolness under pressure to clear up when someone got it wrong.

Afobe & Dicko getting to know each other better as well & is a mouth-watering prospect for the remaining games
Yes he did make some excellent saves. Game may well have not turned out so easy for us had they scored one
Seems like Tommy K is playing very well - does Ikeme come straight back in?

Absolutely delighted with the result today, love strikers combining and scoring goals. Also good for Sako to end his drought.

One annoyance - Doyle coming off the bench and Jacobs still ignored even when 5-0 up!
Great result, however it could and probably should have been at least 5-5. Only Rotherhams shocking finishing made sure it wasn't. Anyway in the pub but Fulham will be much more testing on Tuesday.
Kuszcak made two excellent saves, and Connor Sammon made two back passes from headers on the six yard line.
Great for TK to get a clean sheet. Clinical finishing and good conversion rate of shots on target 5 out of 6. Afobe looks a gem. With home games against Ipswich and Watford to come the 5 point gap can be bridged. Norwich Derby are both on good form now and doing what they should Boro slipped up today but are still quality. Really good to put a team to the sword