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Wolves are SOLD and Darlo finally has smooth thighs!


…unlucky Del - No chance 😉
Nov 30, 2012
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Figure that's reputable enough to go from a speculation thread to a :beerchug::happy::licklips: thread.

Haven't been this excited since Saunders got the sack.


£45m is the reported price. Back when we were put on the market I doubt Morgan thought he'd get that much.
Happy days. Will Jackett be sacked immediately do we think?
If it's on the BBC that's good enough for me, time to break out the red panties!

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Mentioned it on the other thread but I think we'll see a lot of announcements in very short order, including KJ getting binned off and a replacement installed (hopefully today, likely tomorrow). I imagine Fosun will have known it was only a matter of time before this was finalized and likely have a lot the other threads tied up already.
Radio 5 Live also reporting its as 'Wolves *will* be sold later on today'
It would almost be worth it to have Jez announce the takeover and also that he's been given a new ten year deal, and has counselled the new owners against extravagant outlays.
I am upset that the other thread was closed so quickly...Trevor had just found out about the sale while shaving and I wanted to know if he was preparing his smooth thighs for the announcement!:icon_lol:
So hopefully now stuff can get interesting.
Couldn't wait for the official announcement, could you? :icon_lol:

I'm extremely excited to hear of the player recruitment.
Brilliant news - the next couple of weeks are going to be more exciting than the whole of last season

How many pages will be added to the Summer transfer thread!!
The club will come out and say something soon surely. The can't have that big headline sat on the BBC Sport page and just pretend it's not there.
hey girls, hey boys, superstar djs, here we go!
Fuck yes! This company makes £25miion profit a day (information courtesy of the E&S, could be bollocks) either way, a bright future ahead for us most certainly. When's Ronaldo coming in on loan then?
This is BIG news - not often now that we are front page news for the BBC - reckon official announcement within 2 hrs max
To plagiarise Mr Woppio.. better dust off my Wolves top! Excellent news after a terrible season last year following the promise of the two preceding seasons. Player recruitment ought to be exciting in the coming weeks. It'll be like circa 1992, ringing Wolves Clubcall / Teamtalk to see if we're really signing Saša Ćurčić.

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Exciting times ahead.

It's been a pretty stressful couple of weeks, not knowing whether this deal was actually going to go through or not.
It will be nice to enjoy the prospect of us signing the calibre of player we would only have dreamed of a month or so ago.
This could be massive for our great football club, but as with everything WWFC, it will surely be a roller coaster ride

Happy days ahead. Enjoy everybody.
*dances... Badly* the BBC are reporting it so lets get excited!

Sorry, no, that's not right...