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Wolves v Reading matchday thread

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Nov 26, 2009
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couldn't find the matchday thread so if there is one please merge, and can you merge the team selection and the reading goal aswell.
too much tinkering with the defence

with Ikeme out they should have kept Iorfa and Golbourne in
In Caribbean at present - just got a few minutes wifi. Whats the score etc etc
Not going to start the scapegoating without seeing the goal but i can@t see kucyzck getting much leeway given his background
wolves 0 reading 1 after 1 minute, jackett makes 5 changes. Goldbourne , Iorfa out Doch and Hause in, Mick it sounds like hitting the rum and the beach might be the best plan/
Great start, then?

'No marigolds in the promised land. There's a hole in the ground where they used to grow.'
I'm sorry but this kind of start is what happens when you make 5 changes to an unbeaten team. Hopefully we can turn it around.
Why did he make 4 of the changes????? Goalkeeper was out of his hands. Hopefully, we can turn this around, there's plenty time.

'No marigolds in the promised land. There's a hole in the ground where they used to grow.'
Our defence is doing really well so we change both full backs. Fucks sake.
We haven't sounded like creating anything yet. Is Jacobs not in the bench? Silly considering we have three defenders on it
Keeps scoring, for the gold and black. AFOBE!
Sounds like brilliant play by Rajiv to set it up
And if both have got knocks? Just risk them?
VLP pinpoint cross headed in from six yards by Benik, what a buy he's turning out to be!
Not open for further replies.