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World Darts Championship

Hereford Wolf

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Feb 15, 2011
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One of my favourite non-football events of the year.

Van Gerwen to get back to winning ways for me.
Can't see past MVG either. He's in great form and wants the title bad.
Yep. Only takes one bad day of course but MvG is blowing everyone away. Think he is on to play Gando in the final, he's probably the only one I'd fancy to stop him.
MVG should win it easily. Hopefully there are some cracking games though.
when is this starting, wanna watch. Is it aired on Eurosport 1 or 2?
Started tonight Fred (though it won't really get going properly until Boxing Day - not too many first round games lined up where the seeds should struggle). It's Sky Sports only in the UK, not sure about elsewhere. It's definitely not on the UK version of Eurosport.
cheers dan for the info, i will be looking out for this
Wish I'd stayed in to watch it. Love to watch it on TV, don't think I could hack it live though.
You don't realise how many arseholes are in the crowd, Ive given up going because of getting bumped and beer spilled all over me, getting offered out by people (including woman and I don't mean on a date either)
This Justin Pipe is absolute gash... Kist is hammering him
Good. Can't stand his slow play.
doesnt air in sweden until 2nd of january.. eurosport will show it
Has anyone else seen @dartsboobs on twitter, strange but funny all the same.