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The Bruno Lage Appreciation Thread


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Sep 7, 2020
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I think it’s a midtable to top half Squad performing at midtable to top half levels.

Apologies if I have misinterpreted your post. But still to me “ In fairness he hasn't done that bad with the squad he inherited” makes out he inherited a bad squad, or certainly not a mid table one.

It’s a good squad he is doing well with. But needs reinforcements to go up a level.
Apology accepted, and the latter is what i said too!


Mr Hyde
Nov 11, 2020
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Sorry , I am late to this party . Its a small squad and its unbalanced. It has one decent centre forward and a loanee in Hwang who is finding his feet. and three midfield players , one of which (Dendoncker) has not been in great form and another Moutinho is 35. Boly has not recovered his game since covid and we still have Saiss as a regular starter 3 years after him being pretty close to top pf the list for many on here as in need of an upgrade. Jonny and Neto would still be shoe ins if fit but they are not and their back ups Trincao and RAN have shown flashes, RAN more than Trincao for me.

So given he has effectively improved the defence without Boly and Jonny , improved the attack without Neto and while nurturing Raul back to fitness , yes I do think Lage deserves credit for his work with the squad he has inherited as it is still short in Midfield and at centre back. Without going round like a spinning top , I hope he gets some backing in January to build on what has happened so far as I think he will need it as players will tire , get suspensions or pick up injuries. If that happens he will need a bigger squad depth with regard to quality than he has at the moment.
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