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Asking for or supplying streams


Flaming Galah
Oct 30, 2009
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Wolves have very kindly made viewing available to us by paying a fee for the pre-season friendlies. It is a bonus service. However, people still want to try and find that content for free by what are effectively unacceptable means. We, as the mods and admin team here at TWF cannot allow that, so we have decided to make it clear in the run up to the new season that stream requests are outside the forum CoC, and will be treated as such. This will also apply for the actual season games, where such activity is even more restricted for those of us in the UK. We are a UK website, and therefore that is the standard we are enforcing.

For the avoidance of doubt such clever ways of asking as "cry me a river" are obvious. You are saying "Please, TWF, will you allow a poster to show me a way to get access to content that infringes intellectual property rights". This is not allowed.

For the upcoming season (at least) stream request posts will be deleted and the poster will be dealt with. If you post and include a link to an illegal download of Wolves matchday content, you will be having a long holiday from posting on TWF.

In addition we would like to make it clear that the following are outside the CoC and will be subject to action

1. "PM me a stream / river/ any other code word"
2. "I have found a stream / river / (other code word). PM me for a link"

Kind regards

Your admin and mod team.