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Aston Villa (A) 30/3: Build-Up & Match Thread

Fuck me, I forgot Villa have Zaniolo hanging about.
Think we're about to see RAN pushed up front and Bueno on for Chiwome.

Edit - Nope, RAN off. Fitness related I guess.
Bueno immediately done.

Ah, that’s harsh on second viewing.
Solid start for Bueno. Duran seemingly as hard to mark as Simms.
One appalling goal conceded and the other a huge slice of luck. RAN missing a chance that’s easier to score and yeah, you’re not winning a game of football when that happens.
Semedo really busting a gut to pick up that spare man at the back stick.
What an appalling goal to give away. We look a shambles right now.
Is RAN also fasting or am I mixing him and his religion up?
Yes he is. I remember Lop leaving him out around this time last year, and talk of a falling out. As we now know that was just Lop being a dumbass in his assessment of him.
Ignoring the fact that it's a shit cross that's looped in, it's absolutely shit from Doyle, then Hugo
that would have been a banger of a goal …, if hed meant it lol