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Aston Villa (A) 30/3: Build-Up & Match Thread

I think most people will have played in their own version of this game or a side like this. The longer you go on with the disbelief you won't score, the more pressure that gets put on the rest of the parts of the team and everyone starts to strain and break, slip up etc. Keep this at 2 and learn from it finally by ending this small squad mentality as soon as they can.
I think they’re happy with the 2-0 as are we games going to peter
The team look like they've joined Jeff Shi and Matt Hobbs on the beach. Those 2 have been there since the beginning of January.
Hope I’m wrong but could be a tough watch to the end of the season.

I think you’re right hopefully it’s not on the scale of Bruno Lage in 2022 but I don’t see us winning many more combinations of to thin a squad and teams with far more desperation than us.
This is disgusting, every 50-50 challenge we lost. We need to be harder in the challenge
Doubt he cares, his remit from FOSUN is to keep us in the Premier League as cheaply as possible. Which were going to comfortably achieve.

This probably sadly true, however with the emergence or true arrival of RAN, Gomes, Cunha and Neto it's a shame we have squandered this season's progress. Especially as we can't guarantee we have all those parts or necessarily improve on them even if we sell any of them.
Just going through the process now of ending the game I fucking hate that.
Penny for the thoughts of Jeff Shi right now. The smug fucking idiot.
"We are safe, we are blooding some younger talent and giving them some experience and I have a young and upcoming manager that other teams covet. Oh, and a few years ago I said I wanted us in the Premiership and to be able to stay there while being self sustaining. For now, mission accomplished. "
I'm not sure there's anybody you'd even give a 7/10 to today