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Barnsley (H) Build Up Thread


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Nov 5, 2009
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A useful outing for the 2nd string last night, a welcome rest for Leo, Neves, Jota etc. I'd put Douglas back into the XI, and start with Cav, especially after Bright played the full 120 last night.

Ruddy; Miranda, Coady, Batth; Douglas, Neves, Saiss, Doherty; Jota, Cavaleiro; Bonatini

Subs: Norris, Hause, Vinagre, N'Diaye, Marshall, Ronan, Enobakhare

(Assuming Vinagre is fit again, and Costa is still not quite ready for a return)

Very much looking forward to pre/post match beers!
If everyone is fit enough then that team pretty much picks itself at the moment. It's nice to have a very strong bench for a change too!
Yep, that would be a really strong bench! great to have different options as we approach three games in the next week before the next international break. Another 7 points would be brilliant.
Depending on his sharpness and fitness levels I would be looking to include Michal Zyro on the bench at the expense of Enobakhare, just based on his ability through the centre of the field.
Told he was poo last night. Gotta start somewhere though I guess.
Zyro didn't look great last night, looked exactly what he is - a player making his way back after a long lay-off.

Also thought Douglas looked a little off the pace last night when he came on
Would put Douglas on the bench but not in the starting 11 for me (if Vinagre is ok).....he's not fully fit.
Zyro makes Böðvarsson look like Bonatini, would be surprised if he made the bench..then again, he aint no striker.
I do worry that Coady might not be as sharp on saturday after last nights display...(Coady played well)
Zyro didn't look great last night, looked exactly what he is - a player making his way back after a long lay-off.

Also thought Douglas looked a little off the pace last night when he came on

Could definitely have Vinagre back in for this Saturday and then Douglas play away at Sheffield United in the week which will be a very physical test for our team.
He just ran around fouling people. Wasn't terrible but certainly wasn't effective. Bright wasn't great either but did manage to score courtesy of a great run from Baz and ball from Price and then great cut back from Baz to pick him out
Nice one, will get myself and the kids booked on there.
I'd ease Baz back in off the bench and I'd rest Bright given last nights exertions.

I'm surprised Nuno didn't bring Hause on for ET last night given the back three are likely starting on Saturday and Wednesday too?
Let's hope the back three aren't affected from playing the full 120 mins last night.

Douglas tweeted he felt rusty last night. Keep him in for me.
Don't think we'll see the same CBs as usual. They've played a lot of football just recently. Coady will probably stay in but I'd expect Deslandes to get a start in place of Miranda. Batth probably still on the right side. Possibly Hause.
No way should Deslandes be playing, he isn't anything like good enough.
The way Nuno works Hause will start
Deslandes won't start. He has only been in the squad lately because of Bennett and Douglas' injuries.

If anyone was to come in at the back I'd imagine it will be Hause if he's fit enough. Hopefully Boly is back after the next break. We are not far off our 'strongest' eleven.
Apparently, we've on for a gate of 26,500 tomorrow! Didn't think it'd be that high - no doubt the 4 for £40 offer is helping. Really looking forward to it. Early start in the Western for me.
Just got my ticket, had to go in the SB upper and even those are thin on the ground.