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Biggest Club Survey


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Aug 10, 2011
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Global Fanbase is an odd one

Global fanbase We added up the total number of fans and followers for each club on Facebook and Twitter — by far the most popular global social media platforms. Every club has official accounts.

West Brom have bigger crowds and a higher global fan base?
What are Birminghams 28 trophies ?

The system is worked out on points or something. So lots of trophies = low number and not a fucking lot = a big number.
Forest. :icon_lol:

They will be seething about that.
To measure 'global fan base' on twitter and Facebook followers when premier league clubs are automatically linked to the main premier league feed is ridiculously skewed. Quite how the shit are rated as having bigger crowds than us is also a complete mystery.
Britain First are by far the most popular political party on Facebook, but I'm pretty sure (at least I hope) that when it comes to the election the fash will lose their deposit in every seat they run in.
I think I posted once on another forum, that the shit have had lower average attendances on all but 5 or 6 years, since post war records began. Before the war attendances were only estimates, made quite often by newspaper reporters. So pre-war averages don't count.

Palace with a bigger global fanbase than Wolves? What a joke.
The year we had Solbakken and Saunders I ran into a guy at my university's library wearing a West Ham shirt with Jarvis' name and number on it (this was just after we'd sold him). I was curious so I asked him why he'd picked that particular shirt. His response, "We paid a lot of money for him so he must be good." I then asked him if he knew which club Jarvis had come from. He hadn't a clue. Asked him if he'd even heard of Wolves before, and he gave me the blank stare you get when you try to explain the offside rule to an American over the age of 50.

Good times.

Point being, yeah, at least in the states pretty much nobody remembers Wolves. West Ham, Wigan, Crystal Palace, West Brom, etc, though, actually have decent followings. Probably because they were still in the big time when we got the expanded coverage of the Prem (except Wigan, who I can only imagine made a lot of friends here when they won the FA Cup).
Strange, Alan. I have spoken to 3 German, 2 Dutch, 2 Norwegian and 2 Danes today on business. They had all heard of Wolves, they all knew we were once a very big club and most of them knew about Steve Bull being a Wolves player.
To be fair it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Wolves are much more well-known on the Euro continent than in the States. But just by sheer number I'd imagine we can sway charts like these somewhat easily.

This is all speculation, of course.
The stats are based on Twitter followers. As Alan says, the USA and other global audiences are going to know Wigan better than us as they have had greater exposure via the FA cup and PL.
That hardly measures global fan base at all though. I know of big Wolves supporters clubs in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for example.

I have seen Wolves shirts on the streets of Singapore.