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Bournemouth (A) 21/10: Build-Up & Match Thread

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SASA!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Get the fuck in.

I thought it was a foul in the build up but fuck them.
Ah no Sasa got some of the ball before the tangle. Fair goal.
Lovey little ball from Hwang... Terrific finish from Sasa into the bottom corner with the keeper nowhere.
Neto the keeper plays a needless ball to Billing, who loses the ball just outside the area.
The move ends with Hwang feeding a clever ball into Kalajdzic, who calmly slots an effort past the Bournemouth goalkeeper from close range.
Ha ha ha ha! Crazy from their Neto and Billing.
GON has got this spot on today - patient.
I think he could’ve reacted earlier - the big positive is the start of the 2nd half. Obviously said something right. We’ve been quick to say 2nd half in games we’ve been dreadful so good to see us come out fast
Sarabia gets a fucking yellow for a needless clip.
Neto gets a yellow for wasting time! So unnecessary!
Not open for further replies.