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Bristol City (A)


PTG Cup Winner 2013
Nov 26, 2009
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Anybody going to this?

Tickets still available but I'm not sure I want to splash £30 away at the moment.
£30?!?? Are you fucking kidding me???
Seems the standard price nowadays. £32 for Ipswich.
£30 is about average now, Derby was £29, Blues £30, Ipswich is £32.50. Sheff Wed and Leeds will be £35. I think it's disgusting and there is no reason at all that all Championship clubs couldn't sign up to the Twenty'a plenty campaign
Mentioned this in another thread but going on Kids away tickets charged to Wolves.
Preston charged £2 or £3 for u12 for us recently, however Birmingham is £15 and Bristol is £18 !!!!
then we have Ipswich charging £11.50 for U16's
Same team again? Can't really see any need to change anything. They got thumped 4-0 at home by Fulham yesterday so hopefully we can take advantage of them being low on confidence. I saw their game at Cardiff last Monday and it looked like two really poor sides - if we approach this one properly then we should be fine (as we would have been vs Brentford I'm sure, but we just didn't turn up).

At some point we have to put a proper run together, no point having a good result or two and then slipping back with a couple of rank performances.

2013/14: W 3-1 (H), W 2-1 (A)
2012/13: W 2-1 (H), W 4-1 (A)
2008/9: W 2-0 (H), D 2-2 (A)
2007/8: D 1-1 (H), D 0-0 (A)
1998/9: W 2-0 (H), W 6-1 (A)
1994/5: W 2-0 (H), W 5-1 (A)
1993/4: W 3-1 (H), L 1-2 (A)
Jesus we really are a bogey side for them.
Considered going to this but really can't afford it at the moment. We need to make this two out of two, would set us up for a decent game against Burnley on the weekend.
Controversially, I am thinking Benik may not start. He has looked pretty ordinary recently. That could mean Holt starts as a single hold up man and Dangerous Dave behind. Personally I would not change anything but Afobe does need to turn up and at least show glimpses of the form that so excited us last season. The change in him is large. Guess he is missing Dicko. So a bench place would not be a surprise.

Otherwise another clean sheet please and an organised defensive performance and if we do that I can see us getting goals whoever is up front. Do the basics right and it will be 1 or 2-0 please

Oh and someone have a word with Sheyi Ojo. He is going to ground far to easily and it is becoming embarrassing.
Afobe played pretty well at Derby and was very good against Middlesbrough, it's always seemingly a crisis when he has a poor game.
Afobe played pretty well at Derby and was very good against Middlesbrough, it's always seemingly a crisis when he has a poor game.

In which he still managed an assist.
Decided not to go to this in the end. Can't justify £30 even when its ten minutes down the road.
Left it too shitting late to get a ticket, can someone help me out? Anyone got a spare?!