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Championship Prediction League 2015/16


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Oct 21, 2009
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Would anybody be interested in a Championship prediction league for next season. It would be software based via this incredible site, some may already use it but its fantastic and all scoring is done for you..


The site is legit btw I've used it all summer. I can set a private league just for TWF members, if you can sign up using your username off here then we know who's who then, just input your username in the forename and surname section. I'll set up the password towards the start, just gauging interest.
I'll have a go Quirk
Ill put the code up later. Let me know if you've registered..
Prediction game:
Football League Championship 2015/16
Registration key:VOFCBQALEO
Thank you Quirk. I am registered and ready to take the league by storm...
Also registered
I will give it a go. Someone needs to finish bottom ffs!
9 in at the moment, good stuff. Here's hoping to a good league of 20 before the season starts.
If after the Greek debacle, when i can concentrate, and i can understand how this works i'm in, but what happens to Parkin and Sniffer?
What name have you used Pav. Btw do people mind if I publish the league table on here seeing that it contains real names and not the user names. You can change your name to you user name btw.