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TWF - PDC Worlds Prediction League 2015


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Oct 21, 2009
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I know there are a fair few darters on here and maybe this will be of interest to you. I've set up a prediction league (Some in the football prediction league are already registered). All you have to do if your new is register a username with that site (100% trusted) and then add then Darts league either on the side or in a directory (Cant be sure), then after that register with the below code.

Prediction game:
PDC World Darts Championship 2016
Registration key:SEDGZNQFVN
I will be in for this.

Another prediction is that I will have an awesome night at Ally Pally on 29th Dec :icon_smile:
I thought that linked sorry guys I'll add a link when I get back on my pc
Forgot all about this Jase so you have a day's head start on me...

Just putting in my prelim/first round predictions.