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Stan Hullis

Talked the talk and walked the walk.
Nov 24, 2010
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The news coming out of Colombia is heartbreaking.
What a terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to those people who have lost loved ones.
Cecilino Hans, a director of Chapecoense has said::

"In the memory of those who died and to honour their families, we will rebuild this club from scratch so it is even stronger."

I am sure the entire footballing community will wish them every success.
Ronaldinho says he is considering coming out of retirement to play for Chapecoense
From the little i've seen he's said he will play for free hasn't he? That's along with Riquelme as well.
Hadn't seen that. Truly a good gesture if true.

Bit cynical of me to assume he'd want substantial payment.
very good and noble to do that
They've been fined $28,300 for not fulfilling their final fixture of the season.
Just wow! Football authorities really can be dickheads
Good grief, that is shocking. What bastards.
Following the air crash, Chapecoense are due to recommence playing football on the 29th January against International de Lage in a state championship game.