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Cheltenham Festival Tipster Competition


PTG Cup Winner 2013
Nov 26, 2009
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I'll get this thread up and running.

I'm happy to help out with scoring on Tuesday and Wednesday but I can't do the Thursday or Friday as work have booked an away stay. Livid does not come close to it.

I'll put up final declarations for Tuesday's races when they're released tomorrow.

£20 to play with for each race. Each way terms at 1/4 and number of places as listed on the Racing Post results.
Nice one. I'll play.
The only thing I know about horses is that they have a leg on each corner, but as always I will enter.
I'll enter thank you Nando. Is Darlo ok I haven't posted for while.

Hi Paignton, I'm fine thanks. Was going to post a thread this morning but beaten to it!
Count me in Nando and I'll do Thursday and Friday for you if you'd like
Nice one, Darlo. Cheers.
Count me in. Somebody needs to keep Frank company at the bottom of the table.

Congrats on the new job Darlo, and thanks to your good self and Nando for doing the honours of running the competition.
1.30 Min £20 win
2.10 Douvan £20 win
2.50 Beg to Differ £5 e/w Carole's Destrier £5 e/w
3.30 Annie Power £20 win
4.10 Vroom Vroom Mag £20 win
4.50 Noble Endeavour £10 e/w
5.30 Willow's Saviour £10 e/w
13.30 Supersundae £10 e/w
14.10 Douvan £20 win
14.50 Un Temps Pour Tout £5 e/w The Young Master £5 e/w
15.30 Annie Power £20 win
16.10 The Govaness £10 e/w
16.50 Ballychorus £20 win
17.30 Double Shuffle £10 e/w
1.30 Beuvir D'air £10 e/w
2.10 Douvan £20 win
2.50 Ballykan £5 e/w, Morning Assembly £5 e/w
3.30 The New One £10 e/w
4.10 Vroum Vroum Mag £20 win
4.50 Noble Endeavour £5 e/w, Pont Alexandre £5 e/w
5.30 On Tour £5 e/w, Katgary £5 e/w
1.30 Min £20w
2.10 Douvan £20w
2.50 Beg to Differ £10ew
3.30 Sempere Medici £5ew My Tent or Yours £5ew
4.10 Lily Waugh £10ew
4.50 Southfield Royale £20w
5.30 Willow's Saviour £20w
13.30. Bellshill £5 e/w. Holly Bush Henry £5 e/w

14.10 Douvan £10 win. The Game Changer £5 e/w

14.50 Holywell £5 e/w. Morning Assembly £5 e/w

15.30 Sempre Medici £10 win. The New One £5 e/w

16.10 Vroum Vroom Mag £20 win

16.50 Ballychorus £5 e/w. Local Show £5 e/w

17.30 Domesday Book £10 win. Double Shuffle £5 e/w.