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FA Cup Match Day Thread

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I am a LOT more gutted about Siggy than the result. Similar to with Boukari, to work so damn hard then get injured so soon...
That shot on goal by Zyro was the only attempt of the game, as ALF just screws one wide.
WHam had 12 with 5 on target
Carroll gave a sweet through ball to Jelavic who volleyed it home.
An accomplished finish.
With Ikeme not really called on to make a save with most of WHam's attempts being blocked rather than being saved.
Zyro seems good.
Would have rather have gone out if the cup with a 10-0 defeat that might have got rid of Jackett.
1-0 defeat against The Hammers is OK, but, yet again, we lose and Jackett will use the narrowness of our defeat to 'spin' more bullshit.
It'll be six years next time we play an fa cup game since we won a game in the competion.
Not open for further replies.