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Kenny Jackett; The poll to end all polls

Kenny Jackett; The poll to end all polls

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Supply Teacher & 2020/21 PTG Intertoto Cup winner
Jan 15, 2010
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1; Sorry Kenny, you're a nice guy and all that but it's time to go
2; I have faith that Kenny can turn this around
3; I'm undecided
1. And that is putting it VERY politely compared to what I would actually be saying.
Where's the actual poll? I am number 1 and have been for many weeks now
My first poll and took me a while to sort it out...Thanks for the help Dan
Please don't let me end up hating you Ken. Go now with fond memories and my best wishes
To quote Wesley Snipes in Passenger 57 "Gotta go gotta go."
I'm thinking Phil Collins,no jackett required
He was lost from the moment we tried the rhombus. Not recruiting a left winger (or playing Graham) was the start of square pegs and round holes, which is the sign of a manager who needs to go.

Playing a distinctly average right back on the left was the sign of someone who will not turn this around.
He came at a time, when we were in deep trouble. He got us promoted and within a whisker of the play offs in the championship. It is obvious there was unrest over the summer about contracts and players wanting to leave. This with the sale of our most experienced defender at the end of the transfer deadline, has brought a dark cloud over Molineux. The injury of Dicko didn't help either.
I think you will find that promises were broken and that Kenny knew for a while before it was anounced, that Steve Morgan, wanted to leave Wolves, because of his new young love. Lack of investment and ambition in our club, since Morgan found his new love, has taken it's toll.
I think it would be for the best, if Kenny found a club, that would keep their word and promises. The sooner we find a new owner, who will put the club first the better
At the moment I don't see an ideal replacement, but I do think it is better for all that we are looking for a new manager. i don't agree with the hatred that Kenny is getting, but can understand that people have had enough.
The sooner Steve Morgan fucks off the better and I hope to god Moxey goes with him. Wolves FC is a great club, with great fans. We deserve better than this shit.
He was the right manager for the league 1 season & took the decisions that were needed then.

Right to give him the next season and did better than I expected.

Right to start this year, but the wheels have come off - time to accept that a change is needed.

Go with dignity now & our thanks for dealing with a difficult situation at that time.
Didn't get a nomination in the coach of the year at SPOTY.
And who do we replace him with?

Holloway, Davies, Clarke, Warnock.

No thank you.
And who do we replace him with?

Holloway, Davies, Clarke, Warnock.

No thank you.

This is an issue for me - but we will come to that once KJ is gone.

I am struggling to think of (realistic) names who I would be happy with as Wolves manager. Would Moyes or Monk come here? Probably not. Rowett is a popular choice amongst Wolves fans but Birmingham will do absolutely everything to keep him, and we are in such a mess he might not be attracted to the job. It comes too soon for Rob Edwards (who is obviously a long term potential Wolves manager - still needs to do his Pro License). Keith Curle is doing an excellent job at Carlisle, but has had issues at previous clubs. Justin Edinburgh I have been a fan of for a while but has not been at Gillingham long at all. Pearson is just a nutcase.

I think we would need to look at options abroad too.
He's a shit manager.

You usually have a fairly level headed attitude but with respect... this is bull shit...he may have hit his ceiling but no way is he a shit manager, with our current situation he is about what I would expect...maybe you think we should go for Mourinho or Guardiola?