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Matchday Thread - Wolves v Owls

malta mick

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May 20, 2010
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First time for posting opening thread - hoping for good luck.
Anything less than a win on my birthday and I'll be disappointed. No pressure lads.
Happy birthday Mick!
same to you mate. did you get a greetings from the club ?
No not this year. I normally get an email.
Good to see Ronan on the bench, but Saville on the left yet again.
Saville left wing again at home. Edwards back in too. Lonergan preferred to Ikeme.
Lonergan I can understand. Saville I can't - not at home
9 out of the starting 11 are British.

Shocking starting 11. I don't mean to be negative, but way to suck any pre-match enthusiasm out of the fans with that line up.
Fuck sake Paul. We're at home and you said we need to take more risks going forward. So you pick exactly the same team as last week's 0-0 (Edwards aside).

Note to Sheff Wed: Stop Costa and that's half your job done.
Disappointed with Coady and Saville tbh. And more disappointed with Cav not playing, not shocked by Edwards starting tho. Nice attacking bench and interesting to see Ronan making the bench.
WTF. Saville still in on the left. What does Ivan have to do to get a start ?
wtf is that team like, Saville again on the left, no cav, no dicko, no cbj, no saiss, no tex....fucking hell Lambert...
Paul Lambert can fuck off if he continues with his shite interviews and contradictory team selections.
Boy oh boy, that's a bit of a depressing starting XI. I would have at the very least liked to have seen Cav, Dicko, Saiss & Ikeme for Saville, Bod, Coady & Lonergan.
clearly going for another clean sheet then, another 0-0 then maybe?