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Newcastle (H) 28/10: Build-Up & Match Thread

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Hamstrings are either 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months. Let's hope it's the former.
Wish him a speedy recovery. He looks absolutely distraught.

That’s us done as an attacking threat for a few weeks.
Well no one is gonna buy him in January at least
Well no one is gonna buy him in January at least
Could easily be back by then. Depends if it's a grade 1 or 2. Looked more likely to be a 2 and a tear though.
The players need to make sure they bring something home from this game for Pedro now, rather than feeling sorry for themselves.
Fancied us to go on and win this game until then.... :(
Til hwang’s goal we’d created very very little though was my point
That’s fair, although we’re hardly likely to batter Newcastle.

All I’m saying is that I enjoy watching us now. Probably the most I’ve done so since 2019
Schar has been excellent for them.

The Neto injury has sucked the life out of the team and crowd.
All the intensity has gone since the injury. Such a pity.
Not open for further replies.