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No Premier B teams, no Rangers/Celtic


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Sep 25, 2014
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The Guardian

EFL puts definitive end to controversial plan to include Premier League B teams

• Governing body also closes door on Celtic and Rangers joining league
• League One and Two clubs reject idea of taking part in winter break

The 72 Football League clubs have definitively ruled out the prospect of Premier League B teams playing them in league football or Rangers and Celtic joining them as part of a planned revamp.

Really informative article here:


End phrase took my attention

"The mechanism for arriving at the new structure via promotion and relegation in the 2018-19 season is still to be decided. At its most extreme it could mean seven teams being relegated from the Championship that season and three coming up from League One. More likely is some form of compromise whereby fewer teams are relegated."

I really don't mind switching to 20 team leagues if it can be ensured that lower league clubs don't get hammered financially by it. 24 team divisions are an anachronism.
I personally think a greater turn over of clubs between all divisions (inc the Premier) would be beneficial. Firstly it would increase the excitement in all leagues, and secondly I think it would help facilitate a larger amount of money moving throughout the leagues.

I am also glad Celtic, Rangers and premier B aren't involved in the future league structure. Celtic and Rangers would be a bloody long way for away fans - especially for those on the south coast. I think prem b teams would really devalue the tradition of the leagues and I don't think they would add anything in return.
I think an SPFL + EFL merger is inevitable. I don't think the Scottish pyramid will survive otherwise.
I don't think it'll ever happen. There isn't the appetite for it amongst the English clubs and I hope it doesn't.
What about, if we have 5 leagues of 20 (I understand the idea is that 8 Conference/Vanarama teams come in to make it a 100 total):

Premier League
League Div 1
League Div 2 North - League Div 2 South


Then the 'poorer' clubs would have more derby matches and less distance to travel!