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On this day in 1974

What an absolutely stonking day out that was, i can still remember the hangover now.
I remember it well. Gary Pierce's 23rd Birthday. I was behind the goal when he pulled off a wonder save, I think from a free kick. Great day, went by train with a few people, and a good drink after the game in Stoke Newington where a friend lived.
We had some great players then and a great captain in Mike Bailey.
I went on a mini bus with a pub landlord and a motly crew from Wheaton Aston.

The bus was chock full of booze when we left at around 8am, and we had to stop at a pub before the game as we had run out. I was totally knackered by the end of the game, but the first pint on the way home , helped a lot.
Indeed it was a fantastic day. City had a star studded team, but Wolves weren't that bad either. King John and Kenny scored the goals, but Wolves had heroes all over the pitch that day.
I was only 6 years old for this one and not really into football. Remember the 1980 Cup though. How media has changed massively so since those days - listened to it on a radio as no live television coverage for the League Cup final back then (well not on my telly)
That last goal was kinda similar to Sako's at the weekend.
went to the mol the next day, saw john richards who was in pain and could hardly walk - he stopped and chatted, thrilled with the game and as friendly as he could be.
later saw frank munro who just mumbled something as he walked past, wouldn't stop and chat
Watched the whole game again a couple of weeks ago, those highlights make it look like it was all City but it wasn't at all really, we bossed the first half and second half was probably even
The best day I have had in a football ground - watch the DVD of that game every so often, just to remind myself how well we played on that day against a side that was expected to walk it, but didn't.

We just wanted it more than them
Rodney Marsh gave his medal to a ball boy apparently,said he didn't want a losers medal. Tosser