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Oscar Pistorius

Heard this on the way to work. Gun shot to the arm and head. Can you even begin to imagine the horror when he realised who it was.

That's gotta fuck you up a bit.
news says he has been arrested and will appear in court later today? My first instinct was tragedy, but after hearing that perhaps there is more to this? I will wait for a further news update. I hope this is a tragic accident
To be charged with murder, a bit of previous apparently.
Adding a serious note, this is quite a common occurance in South Africa ! a mixture of firearms, fear and darkness does not make a good combination.
Message to sports personalities don't get involved with Nike.
Roses are red
Violets are glorious
Don't try and surprise
Oscar Pistorius

Being serious though, I wonder what happened? I'll have a shot in the dark

Nike have had this advert removed from his website
He wont have a leg to stand on in court.
Police says there's been violent incidents before,and the burglar thing is not coming from them.
Latest news reports that there have been domestics there before and neighbours heard screaming. Oh dear
I've heard his favourite band was Bullet For My Valentine
Seemed an all round nice guy from what I have seen of him previous. Maybe we'll never know what happened. Sad really.
Everything suggests the surprised burglar was something put about early doors that has no substance. Looks like a domestic rather than an accident. Still tragic, but I fear Oscar is right in the shit.
Apparently he must have had a fair bit to drink last night.

As according to reports he was legless...
He was well armed though.