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PNE v Wolves Matchday thread.

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Yeh, pull your finger out, slacker :)
I know apathy's set in, we need a couple of wins. :icon_wink:
this is a major game for us, we really need a win and a good performance...well, mainly a win even if it´s an ugly one..
Surely to be your babbies they'd have to be embryonic ??

ps. I'm in one of those moods :)
I'll take a 1-0 off Jack Price's beard!
@OfficialWolves: TEAM | Martinez; Iorfa, Batth (c), Hause, Golbourne; McDonald, Price, van La Parra, Wallace, Henry; Afobe. #PNEFCvWWFC
There's a nice balance to this team and it's reassuring to see Ken select Hause over EEL to partner Batth.
That's a selection not many would argue with, 4-5-1 I assume. Fingers crossed..
@OfficialWolves: TEAM | Martinez; Iorfa, Batth (c), Hause, Golbourne; McDonald, Price, van La Parra, Wallace, Henry; Afobe. #PNEFCvWWFC

Hope VLP and Wallace can get on the ball and make a difference, both players can take on a man and beat him, if they can get the service to Benik we should score a few today.
Pleased with that side. 3 points badly needed - not too fussed about the performance as long as we can get a confidence boosting victory.
Would rather Byrne play instead of headless Raj but otherwise what I was after.
I think it's the best team KJ's picked this season.

Shame it's only been brought about by injuries and suspensions but hey ho.
In a 4-2-3-1 system thats Kens best team selection this season.
I agree with DW, the best we've got at the moment and hopefully the formation that suits them, but I would also have Byrne over VLP
Seeing as Trev posted a 'Matchday Thread' we must surely win, mustn't we? Let's hope this is where we turn our fortunes around. McDonald & Price sounds tasty!
Would rather have Byrne in than VLP but otherwise no complaints really.
Reach starts for Preston.
I do hope that's a 4-2-3-1 with Henry on the left, VLP on the right, and not a 4-4-2 with Wallace left and VLP up top alongside Afobe...
Not open for further replies.