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Prediction League 2015-16


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Oct 5, 2010
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Hey up everyone!

Is the desire still there to get another season of this off the ground?
If Mr Jelly isn't around as much I'm happy to post the fixtures weekly if needed and to manage the league table?
To keep it all easy I will propose that we should stick with the Premier League and Wolves League fixtures.

For the uninitiated, the prediction league has the weeks fixtures. You predict a scoreline, & first scorer. If you get the correct result, then you get 1 point. If you get the correct score, 3 points. 3 points also for correctly getting the first scorer. I will try to update the League table on a weekly basis. New players very welcome!
I reckon I'll have a crack at this.
I'll have another go & try to get above mid table obscurity this time
I'm in too. I should be ok to post the fixtures. It might depend on how job hunting goes...
Count me in as well

(beats having to talk to the wife on a Saturday morning)