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Sheff Utd (A) 4/11: Build-Up & Match Thread

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What a fucking clown making a challenge like that.
Fucking Fabio, do all that shaggy haired tearing around aimlessly in the other box ffs
Same as Hwang last week
Even if they don't give this, it's so bad from Fabio to let the ball drop in the first place.

Get it the fuck away!
Fabio gives away a penalty!
Doesn't get rid of it so goes through the back of him....
Is Baldock going over before contact is made....
It looks like the same as Hwang. Held his foot back, but the player has gone down.....
Long check...
Penalty and he scores!
2-1 We lose!!
Deserve to lose though.
Apology incoming…
Soft as shite decision again but probably more of one than last week's.
Well done Fabio. Thanks for everything. Now fuck off in January. Cheers.
That's going to be a make or break moment for Fabio mentally.
As soon as the ball went near Fabio in the box I knew he was going to give away a penalty. Last appearance in a Wolves shirt?
Not open for further replies.