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The Definitive TWF Worst Wolves XI Thread

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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It's easier to criticise than praise when it comes to football. Look at the size of a verdict thread on here when we've lost 3-0 as opposed to won 3-0. So while we spent last week bigging up some of the best players we've had in the last five decades, the time has come to call out those who sent a shudder down our spines when we saw their name on the teamsheet. It's time to decide on the worst possible XI that we can come up with in our time watching Wolves.

The scoring system is the same as the previous thread, put your worst player at #1 and then those who are saved only by someone being marginally more inept as we go down. It's a 4-4-2 formation again with the order of GK, RB, LB, CH (x2), RM, LM, CM (x2), ST (x2), Manager.

It's up to you really. If you want to pick purely on ability, then that's fine. If you pick someone because they grossly failed to live up to expectations, then that's alright. If you want to pick some 6'4'' slowpoke lug in midfield because he got beaten in the air by Jay Tabb once, seems ok. If you're doing it because the person in question is a tubby, shit bearded, terminally lazy sham of a defender who'd look more at home playing for Willenhall than Wolves and sends his sister to defend him on a forum, then I'm not going to stop you. No timeframe constraints on this one, I don't think we need them. Loan players are fine, the only qualification is they must have played at least one first team game for Wolves.

So, as ever, goalkeepers up first. Three picks. Explanations as to why they enraged you are always welcome.

The team:

---------------------------Andy Lonergan-----------------------------

Matt Doherty-----Roger Johnson-----Kaspars Gorkss-----Mo Camara

Greg Halford------Steve Corica-------Darren Ferguson-----Rohan Ricketts

-----------------Steve Claridge-----Tomasz Frankowski---------------------

Manager: Dean Saunders
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Maybe extra points for supporting video footage/giffage?
Lange - He was just shit. Cannot think of anything good about him as a keeper, where as 2 and 3 I am able to pick at least 1 think good they did.
Jones - 2nd spell as he was okish 1st time around. His Flappy McFlappy outing v Preston, joining in with the Cardiff fans and their club specific celebration, sssshhhhing the South Bank after making a save...only to flap at the corner and concede
Lonergan - Only gets 3rd because it was part of one season and the end of it was an embarrasment for a player with so much experience.
Andy Lonergan
Paul Jones
Tony Lange

I can't believe how bad Lonners was - an appalling signing. I've heard about Hansbury but it was before my time so I couldn't really include him.
I've heard about Hansbury but it was before my time so I couldn't really include him.

The poodle permed prick cost me a Wembley trip. And I still haven't seen Wolves play there, and it's 28 years on. Basically it's his fault.
Andy Lonergan
Paul Jones
Stefan Postma
Tony Lange
Dave Beasant
Paul Jones (2nd stint)
Alan Boswell
Tony Lange
Roger Hansbury
What Quirk said.

Tony Lange
Dave Beasant
Paul Jones (2nd stint)
Andy Lonergan - shit almost beyond description.

Paul Jones - A shame after his successful first spell but to have the audacity to play up to the Cardiff fans after a series of calamities really rubbed salt into the wounds.

Dorus de Vries - Really expected big things from him but instead he just looked weirdly subdued. His demise coincided with ours and just thinking about him brings back memories of a dark time being a Wolves fan.
I thought De Vries was okay TBH. I think we've had far worse!
Doris walked past me outside the ground after we drew 2-2 with Norwich in the PL (just before Christmas, they played us off the park but we nearly pinched a win). Tiny for a keeper.

I always thought he was a better bet than Ikeme but it wasn't to be.
He wasn't awful but, as DW said in the opening post, it doesn't have to be about ability alone. We expected big things from him and he didn't deliver. Besides, it felt harsh putting Postma or Oakes in there!

I'm also luck enough not to remember Tony Lange ;)
Lonergan - I was so surprised by quite how amateur he was. Embarrassing
Paul Jones
Jan Budtz

Was quite sure on top two but third was a toss up between Budtz, McCarey and Stack (who I'm pretty sure we only actually signed to raise morale)
Dont think I have ever seen Lonergan play.


I'm more than comfortable sticking him down at #1. He's pathetic.