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The FA is now ours


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Aug 10, 2011
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"FA's new CEO Martin Glenn, a Wolves season ticket holder from Aldridge"
Minor detail. He knows what to do when we come calling
Don't tell Paddy but before he worked for United Biscuits he worked for Birds Eye Igloo and is reputed to be the man who 'killed off' Captain Birdseye.
He also hired Gary Lineker for the Walkers Crips ads apparently
So he was the guy that arranged the Doritos sponsorship deal.
So he was the guy that arranged the Doritos sponsorship deal.

Indeed he was

Wolves ‏@OfficialWolves 24m24 minutes ago
Martin was involved with Doritos and their sponsorship of Wolves and everyone at the club wishes him well in his new role.
I liked the sound of this 'til the Doritos bit.
He got a company from Leicester to give us money. The fact it made our kit look like a packet of Tangy Cheese Doritos is another matter....
Ah yes. Two seasons of being Division One Rejects In Tatty Orange Shirts...
They really were shocking shirts.
wasn't there another version - something like ' Disrespecting Other .......................' ??
Huh. You know for some reason I had the '92-'93 Goodyear shirt in my head when I thought of the Doritos kit. Probably because it looked like someone had eaten too many Doritos and then wiped their hands all over it.

The '02-'04 shirt isn't all that bad, though the sponsor obviously doesn't mesh perfectly.

As far as away kits go I think the black one Burrda gave us is my favorite.
White Goodyear with the teal shoulder piping was absolute class.
Apart from the Sportingbet white monstrosity where the design was clearly to to the sponsors wishes the white away kits are the best.

Talking of monstrosities have you seen the purple paisley effort the GB Davis Cup team are wearing?