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The newly named EFL???


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Nov 26, 2009
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I have no idea which numpty came up with this idea, or indeed the 1960's logo, If i had when i worked in the ad game i would expect to be fired immeadiately, but despite that, the comments from one of the two Welsh teams today make me laugh.

The renaming of the Football League to the English Football League (EFL) is "insulting" to Welsh clubs, says the chairman of Cardiff City Supporters' Trust. BBC Sports Website

If they don't like it, then they can always fuck off and play in the welsh league,(both of them) if there is one. They play in the football league because frankly it's worth much more money to them, so bank it bhoyos and shut the fuck up. Seriously, there's a whole two of them???

And before Paddy gets out of his pram this is nothing personal against the welsh, but if you choose to opt out of your own national league to play in a more financially beneficial foreign league, and there's a whole two of you, and shit knows how many English clubs, crying racism or bias is a tad churlish to say the least.
Liking the new auto posting style from Langers.
At the end of the day, even if they are affiliated, calling it the English Football League could be seen as a little bit insulting. After all, it is the England and Wales Cricket Board because of Glamorgan in the counties. Mountain out of a molehill for me really. I just think the name and logo are just a bit shit. Why the rebranding? What possible point?

Just fucking call them League Divisions 2, 3 and 4 and be done with it.
What annoys me is the millions they will have spent on consultants for this rebranding while ticket prices go through the roof and teams continue to struggle with finances.
calling it the English football league is only insulting to the fans who know what a terrible piece of marketing shit this is yet again, and who know that it will inevitably cost them , if not now, in the future.

If this is all the football league conmmitee/mob/mafia can come up with after years of deliberation we should redefine the word "euthanasia"
Put a man on a Committee & he will want to do something to retain his place - even if it is something that everyone else outside of the committee considers is irrelevant.